Zoom doodle

Sitting drawing during our Zoom choir practice. I know most of the words to the songs so I sing along to the tune while drawing.

Most of my doodles are of members of the choir, but today I concentrated on the top of the bookcase with an old pot containing a pencil and a brush and my glasses and a CD rack. There’s also a plant creeping in from the right hand side. Ink fine line pen with coloured felt pens….

#30daysketchbookchallenge (monthly)

February starts with a continuation of the #30daysketchbookchallenge. Instead of a daily challenge we are being asked to do something on a monthly basis. I could have spent far more time on this. The whole month in fact. But I just decided to draw a simple daisy design. Perhaps the centre is reminiscent of a covid19 particle. You decide….


#30daysketchbookchallenge, jewellery. Struggled to draw the tiny beads on this necklace. I was trying to make it look realistic, I’m not sure I did and the photo is a bit blurry.

Used pencils, felt pens and coloured pencils to produce this.

Redo with metallic paints and better photo…

Different challenge

Two drawings prompted by a friend who is interested in more abstract work. The first is a repeated line drawing of carrier bags using two pens held together. Then I wrote over the top, plastic carrier bags, too much plastic in the world. The second is meant to represent folded paper. I could also have tried using masking tape but I don’t have any. So I drew on limited colours and varied the thickness and weight of the lines. Digital drawing.


OK, day 3 drawing, my favourite type of biscuit
Tried to do the writing but I need better felt pens to get round the lettering…

I also need fresh pens, a lot of them are drying up. My hubby is using them too so they have done well to keep going.

It’s hard to draw images with lettering, I probably need some making fluid. I’ve never used it. Might get some.