Desk tidy

Not very exciting but today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was office. I don’t have an office so I drew a desk tidy that I have ordered to keep all my black ink pens together with other bits and pieces.

The desk tidy is actually dark brown and the background was white. The only interesting thing we’re slightly darker images of the desk tidy tubes that were reflecting in each other. I would have liked to have added some lighter tones but the white watercolour pencil I tried using did not show up well enough.

New pens on black paper

I do like new pens

I spotted five metallic pens made by Bic in the shop today. So on a whim I bought them. I have to say I was impressed! They have large felt pen nibs and the ink flows well. The lines you can draw are a good weight and if you tip them on their side you get wider lines because they have a bevelled edge. The colours are strong and they seem to work well on my black cartridge paper sketch pad, they are nice and opaque. I will see how they work on white paper next.

Pattern time. Jazz

Felt pens can make interesting patterns, and this was one I created which I called jazzy.

It’s hard to know where the triangles and lines should go and which colours fit together. Stripes and chevrons. Highlighted lines to try and add depth. Abstract art isn’t just splodges, I think it has to have some thought, at least that’s my opinion.

I should have been doing some art today, but I’m not well so I thought I would share this.


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was autumn…. I imagined a wet autumn leaf because I didn’t feel like going out looking for one! Felt pens and silver ink.

I do like challenging my visual memory to draw things like this, thinking about how colours change on leaves. The texture of them, how the veins run in them. It might not be accurate but its fun.

Twenty minute sketch

Tried drawing Karen Gibson, the conductor, in felt pens after watching her having their portrait painted in #skyportraitartistoftheyear tonight. The hair is wrong, her left eye is too far back, but I don’t think it’s too bad. I drew with felt pens because one of the contestants had done. This took me about twenty minutes. I should have possibly taken longer.