Just playing with pattern and colour. I will probably do more to this digitally. It is a drawing made with felt pens. Each shape is linked, where possible with a line. The centre is more complex, then the outer lines act as barriers or walls. When I’m doing this I set myself simple rules to follow so the image doesn’t end up too chaotic.


Draw triangles and colour them in. I started with a star shape then worked my way out. Who needs adult colouring books when you can make your own pattern. I also tried to vary the colours so that there is more light and shade in it. The paler blue section seems to recede. I just used a set of ordinary felt pens and a fine line pen to draw the triangles. Doing something like this is like a meditation. You can sit and let the world go by as you draw and sketch. You can use any shapes you want and make the pattern as complex as you like. X

Sister Dora

Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was history. I drew Dorothy Wyndlow Pattison, better known as Sister Dora (16 January 1832 – 24 December 1878), she was a 19th-century Anglican nun and a nurse who worked in Walsall, Staffordshire. She nursed miners after mine disasters. She is known as Walsall’s Florence Nightingale. I remember this statue in the town centre in the 1970’s. One of a very few statues of women in the UK. She died of breast cancer aged 46.