Doodling again!

Today’s band of sketchers prompt is warning… So I drew something but it was wrong the traffic lights are in the middle of the road. .. So I turned it into another cartoon. Warning! Traffic light in wrong place! A bit bonkers today I know… Made with post it notes and felt pen.

Always check where traffic lights should go!

Back to life

In January I started a back to life sketchbook for my college course. This was day ones drawing, a falcon on my mouse at, pens and my computer mouse. I continued drawing every day from then on, I have done all sorts of drawings and I’m still doing them (today was some ice cubes). That effort has been interesting, sometimes confusing, difficult to maintain if I could not find something to observe and draw. But it has been rewarding. My imagination has been stretched and expanded. My ideas generation has improved. I would recommend drawing everyday to anyone who is interested in art.

Cat on a mat?

With a bag? She was staring at me, getting into my mind, so I decided to do a collage with her. This seems to be my creative ‘go to’ at the moment. Photo, then draw onto monoprinted paper, copying the photo. Two holes for her orange eyes. Then stick the paper down. Next post it notes for the bag that holds a couple I’d packs of felt pens. I cut out shapes then drew over it to give it more shading. Finally the mat… Another bit of monoprint. It’s hard to cut out the negative shape of the cat, and the mat is red and green, but I wanted it to stand out from the cat and my red and green pens have just about run out, so I used pink and what was meant to be a pale blue instead. It’s a bit scruffy, I didn’t have enough pattern to extend across the whole page so part of the mat is just coloured in. Anyway it was fun to do. Ignore the date by the way, I hadn’t done anything on the 18th so I filled in the gap.


Then Tuesdays #bandofsketchers prompt was architectural. My go to view when I don’t feel like going out is the Portmeirion factory across the road. I used black acrylic monoprint on white printing paper to give it texture and shadow. Then drew over the top and added a bit of pink post-it note.


Two days of hard work to tie up all the loose ends of this semesters college work. I only hope it all makes sense. I tried fitting imges on a word document, they came out tiny on the PDF. I tried using PowerPoint, it played up, and the images are huge! Ah well, computers are not my speciality.

At least now I can think about life outside of college for a couple of weeks till the start of the next semester. I can try and catch up with life.

Turning some splodges into a butterfly.