So many years ago, 2003 was when I did this art work. The hand print was a photocopy of my hand I think. Then I used photoshop to add colours using flood fill and a drawing tool. Finally I used one of the texture tools to break the image up into shards.

16 years on its at my studio at Spode. I really want to do more experimental stuff. I have been trying to get in the front room where my computer is but it’s full of my partners train stuff which I don’t want to move.

Life can be complicated. You have to have give and take. That’s what my lifeline was shining I guess (although I don’t believe in that kind of thing).



A few weeks ago when an exhibition I was in was over I helped take the labels down and for a laugh took a photo of them stuck to my hand. I think it could be turned into a tree image where my palm and fingers are the trunk and branches and the labels smaller branches and twigs and the dots could be fruit.

You never know where an idea will lead. It’s always interesting to experiment.