Close-up poppy

I think this might be finished but I’m waiting for daylight to check the colours. I might tone down the white and I may add some blue tones to make it feel like the sky is being reflected in it. The poppy was real, but I took this from a painting I did of a photo so I might look at some images of poppies.

Upside down

I turned my painting upside down because I’m struggling to reach the top with my aching and shaking arms. I’m working on the background. But it also helps me see shapes and tones and proportions. I need to decide if I want the background to be blurry? Perhaps I should change my brush size and try and blur the edges. I will turn it back in a while….

Close up

I am painting again. I’ve spent a few hours on this and it’s about a quarter done. I want to get it finished quickly because it needs taking in to the gallery, but I want to make sure it’s a good job. I’m layering u the flowers and I will be adding vegetation growing in front to give it more depth soon. I have to stand back from it to check how it fits together. But is it too busy?

Work in progress, meadow

Poppies and other flowers, I started painting this a few days ago and am trying to make progress. The flowers and tangle of vegetation is based on a photo I took at Trentham Gardens this summer. I hope it can be a meditative piece for a quiet room at the gallery which I have work in. I’m going to press on with this, it’s keeping my mind off things.