My view


My view at the moment. A chair sits in front of me with a small foldable easle. Three canvases are waiting for me to finish painting, I have ground to a halt after having a cold for about three weeks. Then there are a couple of packets of newish brushes, and a whole lot more brushes in the base of the easle. I like having good brushes but they wear out and don’t always keep their points. I don’t like throwing them away. If they won’t work for detailed work I can always use them for blocking in areas. I’ve got envelopes from Christmas cards resting on it and a photo of a friends family. Also in there is the packaging for the bottle of perfume my hubby gave me for Christmas. Of course its a good place for the TV remote, although I was given an owl cushion to store it in for Christmas. I had a nice mug resting on the tray of the easle but I knocked it off this morning. It’s surprising how much you can feel about the loss of an inanimate object. It’s now replaced by a mug I must have had for twenty years. Paint splatters adorn the wooden surface. I don’t know when I will finish the paintings, but I hope it will be soon. Sometimes I feel held back, it might be the time of year…… This could end up being a still life.


Geese in progress

The mural is about half finished. There is a lot to do still, more details on the geese. Splashing water, not added yet, I’ve been trying to get the background done first. Then outlining the patches of water. The little goslings need a stronger yellow. Then the reeds and leaves need finishing. I’m getting tired.


Muraling again…

I did more to the mural today, climbing up and down some steps to get up to the top of it. I’m tired but happy with it so far. I’ve toned down some purple I’d added to it and made it more grey. This was because I was trying to add colour to it but was a bit overwhelming. Once I’ve finished blocking in the background I will add reeds and leaves and other details. I’ve got some iridescent white which I’m going to use to add more sparkle to it. Once it’s finished it’s going to have a glaze over it to protect it.

May get it finished by next week.


Trying to paint Clooney not right yet…


I’ve got his nose too long, his face needs to be slightly wider. The eyes need to be slightly further apart. I’ve got to work out if the mouth and chin are right. This is one of four possible commissions I’ve got. I’m not bad at portraits, but you have to be willing to change things and not stick with something if its not right.

I’ll leave it a few hours and then come back to it…..