Alien plant?

A money plant on our windowledge. Duplicated photo, it’s tortuous shape given extra twists by mirroring it. The pale green leaves are a nasturtium that was planted inside. I hasn’t matured in time to produce flowers. I think this looks like a green carving or sculpture. It’s like an odd insect about to pounce, perhaps a preying mantis.


Pattern made from four duplicated photos of autumn trees. When the leaves fall and disintegrate they get taken down into the soil by worms or are eaten by insects, or lie as a mulch on the soil surface helping keep it warm. Hedgehogs and other small mammals hide underneath them keeping warm and out of the cold wind.

I do wonder if the soil level would gradually build up as leaves fall year after year. Is this what biomass is? It’s funny what you think about trees….

Autumn colours

This was a real leaf today. Its a bit blurred, but the colours are accurate. I walked around a local lake today, only a week later than I intended, but it did me good. It was grey and overcast, there were not many bright leaves, but right at the end of the walk I saw this. Half disintegrated, but colourful and cheerful on a gloomy day, it bought a smile to my face.

Fern leaves

I can’t remember how I got this image, I know it’s based on a photo of fern leaves and I must have used layout to mirror the patterns. But how I added the various colours and added the tiles? I can’t remember. And just how did I get the embossed effect…. It must have been an app I no longer have on my phone. A puzzle, which is what the image looks like.

Autumn acers

I usually look out from underneath trees, but here I looked up and took a photo of twisting branches and limbs. Then I tried to paint the leaves. Dark towards the trunks, lighter where they reach out into airy space. Leaves are amazing. Because they can move towards the light (phototropic) they can move into the gaps where the light gets through. Like a jigsaw puzzle, filling in the spaces. Then suddenly in autumn deciduous trees drop their leaves as the cold and wind catches them out. Great blankets of leaves are now lying below the local trees. Crunching through their crispness is one of my favourite things before they turn soggy in the cold rain. Glorious!