Autumn patterns

Doing my usual trick of multiplying photos makes these abstract patterns. I love the spectacular autumn colours. Ot as brash and gaudy as the trees over in the USA. I like the subtlety of our trees. Perhaps we don’t have the right climate conditions to bring out very bright colours except in Acers, or maybe we have different trees? Anyway I hope you enjoy these fun patterns.

Autumn drawing

I just drew this, it started to get dark but it’s our little acer tree under the Walnut tree, also willow branches, Holly and buddlea.. The view is out of our side window at the top of the stairs. The acer turns deep red and orange and the walnut is starting to go yellow. The Holly is deep green but by the time I got to it, it was going really dark so that part was drawn even more quickly than the rest. This was for our #bandofsketchers prompt today ‘autumn’ the buddlea was also quickly sketched.

Tree spirits painting

Painted a few years ago. Each dot of paint chosen to fit together and the branches and twigs manipulated to form faces. This was actually based on a photo of a tree up at the Croft at Penkhull, when the sun was setting and the sky looked like it was on fire. But I had to embellish it. I really like finding ‘spirits’ in my art. Sometimes I paint a subject straight, without playing with it, but other times I let go. This was one of those occasions. It might not work for you, but it made me very happy when it was finished. It went to a new home. Wish my photo of it was better.


Soon it will be autumn

The leaves will turn soon, green turning to golds and oranges, the wind blowing through the branches, stripping them until they are bare. Cold and frosty mornings crisping the leaf litter. So that eventually the skeletons of their veins are exposed. Children making prints from the leaves, painting them and pressing them down onto paper. Making them into patterns. Making them into wreaths and table decorations. Using gold and bronze spray paint to cover them. Adding a bit of Holly or Ivy and a red candle for Christmas cheer.

After autumn, Winter chills, usually wet now instead of snow. The branches bare until Spring arrives. Then buds, expanding into leaves again. Back to Summer, heat, flowers, scents, shimmering haze. Life.