Dawn through the trees

As the leaves fall the supporting scaffold of the tree branches and the new building skeleton across the road are becoming more visible. That building was being built in the early part of last year, but in March all work stopped. So it remains, almost, but not quite, built. When it is it will cut out the sunrise on winter mornings, shading out our rising star. I may get some of the lower branches of the trees cut back so that more light can get in. Maybe one day the building will be finished?

Autumn is going.

Most of the leaves have fallen. Now we are at the start of winter there is a bit more to see. The Holly Bush is getting in the way though. The bright sunshine and blue sky have gone. Today there is persistent rain gushing down from the sky with threats of snow. As far as I’m concerned I would sleep through winter and wake up in the spring if it stays as bad as this!

Leaves and broken pots.

Found in a pothole on my walk, someone has tried to fill in a hole with shards of broken pots. I’m not sure why, and if anyone was to fall onto them as they are partially hidden by fallen leaves. I guess whoever did it was trying to be helpful, but surely using gravel might have been more sensible idea? But it did make an interesting photo. I suppose it makes a change from bits of litter and plastic.


Beautiful tree I saw on a walk. I love red trees, but we don’t get many in this country.. I’m not sure what species this is. It does not look like an Acer which are the the ones that look like maple leaves? Are they called Japanese maples? Anyway, this was before the wind got up and blew them all away!

I would love to visit America to see the ‘fall’, every time I see photos of the East Coast at this time of year the colours of the forests are magnificent. I guess this is the last chance to photograph a red tree this year?

The sun shone eventually…

Looking out of the window this afternoon, the sun came out and the sky cleared. Much more sparkle than my drawing first thing in the morning. Soon the view will clear further when the trees shed the rest of their leaves. Mind you, the rate the ivy is climbing up the wall the window might be covered over!

Tonight is meant to be very cold and the outdoor cat won’t come in, he’s busy running round the garden, but he’s got a warm bed in the shed. Tomorrow it’s due to rain again… No more blue sky….

Dancing leaves

Of all the seasons I remember autumn’s the most. Walking in the ark as a child, kicking my legs through piles of dry leaves, or slashing in puddles of water with soggy leaves sticking to my wellies. Looking at faces in gnarled trees, seeing if I could see Halloween witches. Sitting under the remaining few leaves of a weeping willow. Wondering when it would be clothed again. Time then was slow. Six months took a year….

Abstract and strange

We know how something natural looks. It is often untidy, not always symmetrical, analogue not digital. But when you play with photos you can create structures that don’t exist in reality, you can expand distances and change perspectives. That’s what I did with the photo I used to create this. A kind of tree tray or chandelier. I don’t know, but abstracting as much fun as I can…


Just a 3 kilometer walk, but only the second since I recovered from tonsillitis. The wind was soughing through the trees. I recorded the sound but I don’t think I can play it on here. I enjoyed the feel of the wind and rain, the dusk came fast and as we extended the walk a little further we did end up getting a bit wet. Got to be wary of wet slippery leaves too. I was tired at the end. My legs were wobbly by the time I got in and had to sit down and rest.

Must do more x


Today’s sketch for #bandofsketchers, the theme is red. Not many trees in this country turn bright red in autumn. I think that’s because we don’t get cold enough weather to force the chlorophyll out of the leaves to turn them to brighter colours (is the red xanthophyll?) long time since I did O level biology!

Anyway these were on the road outside so I did a quick sketch and then filled it in. I’m afraid I cheated as it was so wet and windy so I did use a reference photo to try and get the right colours. Another sketch with permanent markers.