Have you opened the window again?


Ooh its cold in here?

Have you opened the window?


Well I wanted fresh air!

So go outside!

You are heating up the atmosphere…

It’s minus 5 out there..

That’s why you’re wearing your coat in the house?

And the heating is on full…

And the extra heaters are on…

Are you mad?

Is it any wonder I get annoyed?

Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails


The other reason why I drew a slug.

I had fetched a takeaway meal from our local Chinese restaurant last night but had to go out for an hour before coming home to eat it with my hubby.

An hour turned into two (as it does), so I came home hungry and ready to eat.

I said hello, and my hubby complained he had lost a bottle of beer. He could remember drinking one but could not find the other bottle. But he proudly said he had made a loaf (he likes making bread). We went in the kitchen and he showed me the bread he has made. So where’s the takeaway I asked, looking in the fridge which was empty. Oh I put that outside to cool down, he said!? What?

He went out and bought the bag in, together with the beer bottle which he had taken out too.

Both had slugs on them!

I’m sorry to say it went in the bin. The little trays the food was in were covered with hungry slugs. The beer was empty, not because he had drunk it, but because he had put some in the bread. I was not a happy person.

Next time I’ve told him to use the fridge!

Life changes.


Thinking about how much life has changed since I cooked toast on our gas fire.

In the 1970’s we had electric central heating installed downstairs in our house. This was installed by our council. But my mom would not have it on because of the cost. We used to sleep with our outdoor coats on top of our sheets, blankets and eiderdowns to keep warm. In the winter there was always frost on the inside of the bedroom window. Sometimes really thick ice.

Now my home has double glazing (single at my mom’s house till the 1980’s). Central heating. The water is usually hot, where we were only allowed to put the heater on for an hour at night at my old home.

Also computers were just coming in and calculators were introduced when I was a teenager. Now they are everywhere. “go online” is the mantra.

Electric cars? Maybe imagined in the 1960’s to be everywhere by the turn of the century, and people really thought there woukd be flying cars.

Bad stuff now… Too much plastic… Too much pollution. But there were shop wrecks like the Torrie canyon and the Exxon Valdiz that poured millions of gallons of oil into the sea and destroyed sea bird colonies.

What else? Our phone, when we got it was a big green one, with a hand held ear and mouthpiece attached to the phone body by a curly wire. The phone itself had a dial with holes lined up with numbers on it. To dial a number you put your finger in a hole then pulled it round the dial until you got to a stop then the dial turned the other way and you dialled the next number… Now, well we have mobile phones, hand held computers like in star trek.

Other things, better medication, more cures for cancer, more treatments, more, older people.

The thing is, the more we have, the more we want…. Catch 22….

Little walk at Etruria

There is plenty to see on a short walk in the area around the Etruria Industrial museum at Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent.

There was a very cold wind blowing along the canal towpath so we only had a short walk. We took a look at the cygnets on the canal, they were on their own so presumably their parents have left them now. I wish we had taken some duck food with us. There were plenty of other birds about including ducks and geese, a rook or crow and magpies.

Some of the industrial buildings in the area are more visible now the leaves are off the trees. One of these is the tall chimney that is on the industrial estate behind Jessie Shirley’s flint and bone mill, which is attached to the Etruria Industrial museum.

One of the boats on the canal had smoke rising from its chimney, which made me think of hot tea and toast. We soon got back to our car, and put the car heater on to warm up. Brrr

I’m OK, I’m wearing a jumper.


It’s cold outside and we’ve been away so it’s got cold because I turned the heating down for a couple of days. But its OK I’m wearing a jumper.

It makes me wonder what will happen when homes have to use less power to heat them. They are talking about removing gas boilers and turning to electric heating. Also by improving insulation the cost of power should go down. The insulation would also help keep places cooler in summer. The question is whether or not this will be feasible. I think that political parties will have to get behind it. Our government is waiting till 2050, far later than most.

There is also the tenancy to have more open plan spaces. I know if I leave a door open the main living area gets colder. If I close off a room and don’t put the radiator on in there it saves on heating. In the meantime I’m willing to wear more jumpers more often if it saves money.

You know you are ill when…..


You decide to take two paracetamol with a hot Lemon, honey, tea and whisky!

It may not cure me but it certainly is soothing my throat. Its been seven days and I’m still ill. I could have tried to get in the doctors, but unless it gets worse I’m just staying home and resting mainly. I had to go out and do some shopping yesterday. That was hard. I was waiting in the queue to pay and my hubby arrived to help. He’d let me go out to do the shopping but was worried about me. I was really pleased as the things I had bought were a bit heavy. He’s so kind.


Home made lemon tea…


Very simple, decaff teabag, hot water, sweetener to taste, lemon juice. It’s been a lifesaver for my horrible sore throat and its upped my Vitamin C. They say Vitamin C only really helps you get over a cold while you have it. Taking it at other times doesn’t really do much….

Night ☓