OK, day 3 drawing, my favourite type of biscuit
Tried to do the writing but I need better felt pens to get round the lettering…

I also need fresh pens, a lot of them are drying up. My hubby is using them too so they have done well to keep going.

It’s hard to draw images with lettering, I probably need some making fluid. I’ve never used it. Might get some.


One of the drawings I have to do in the challenge is a handle. Most people seem to be drawing door handles, but I thought I would do the handle on a tin opener. I think it counts as one. It’s something you turn with your hand after all?

Interpretation is something you can explore when doing these challenges. Why should you be limited to a specific version of something? If you think about things you can come up with different ideas and be creative with them. I’ve got four more images to do just to catch up, but I don’t think I will be able to do them tonight.


Quiet day

A day of peace and quiet. Outdoor cats slept on the bed most of the day. He popped out for a couple of hours this morning and the same this afternoon. He’s back up there now.

I’ve spent the day recovering, had a few glasses of wine last night and as I don’t drink much usually it had a bad effect! Ooo my head.

I’m still coming to terms with the WordPress changes. Since I have my blogs linked to Facebook they keep being posted there now. I only want my art posts going there but I can’t find the place to switch them off? Anyone know?

Almost the end of 1.1.21…..goodnight

Thinking about Art


I just posted this as a comment on a friends page… “I always feel I could do better when I’ve finished a painting, I look at the mistakes not the good bits….”

That made me think, is that why I paint, draw, and create?

Tomorrow I’m going to another friends, she is running an art lunch once a month. I’m hoping I can draw some inspiration to work out what I’m doing next. I have let things slide in January, now I need to try and make more of an effort….

One of those days.


Grey and depressing, icy cold, big droplets of rain. Disappointing as well, I keep trying to get the car mended (someone broke my wing mirror, the glass is cracked, and someone must have reversed into my nearside wing, it’s all scraped and dented. But I rang up, and the mechanic, who is trying to find the right mirror rang in sick this morning. I will have to try again tomorrow. Then I collected some paintings from my studio to try and get into a local craft centre. But the owner has been inundated with local artists. He is interested in more work but needs to sell some art first. He has had people in but one comment he got was “is it really That much?” for one if the pieces in there. It’s the usual thing in this area, people don’t have money, or if they do they don’t want to spend it. It’s depressing (oh I’ve already said that)……