Leave the nest and find a partner, lovebirds dance and coo. Symbol of love, kissing turtle doves. Blue birds fly over white cliffs, a timeless memory caught in glass. Does the sunlight shine through and cast flitting shadows, flying across the room so slowly and gradually, a slow motion, stop and go motion, drift of love. Like an orbit around the sun celebrated in a year but played out in a day. Background colours changing fron bright white to rose to purple and blurred blue.

Nights drawing in

The sun is setting earlier now. It was dark at 9pm today, and the sunrise is later too. In September we will reach the point when day and night are of equal length. Then in October we will revert back to Greenwich mean time and lose an hour of daylight in the evening. Although we gain an hour on the morning I think it’s sad to get darknrss earlier just when you want to cling to brightness.

Why talk about this? I need to get a daylight bulb. I find if I paint in normal electric light the colours I use look different from in the daytime. They are often distorted, I find I can’t see yellow properly compared with white. I also think LED lights are a lot dimmer than the old 100 watt bulbs and you can’t get a bright enough equivalent. I want to be able to see colours properly so I can paint better.


One moon, high above the clouds. Seen on a walk, popping up like a bubble from the lips of a cloud.

It’s hard to capture the moon on my phone. The definition of the photo is not good, and having to zoom in makes it more blurred. I think I avoided too much camera shake.

It’s not often you see the moon in the sky in daylight. But I like this photo. Simple view and with the clouds it makes it more interesting.

I do love the sky

I’m a member of the cloud appreciation society and I love the sky. When it is misty and the sky turns salmon pink, when there are dark storm clouds in the background and bright sunlight shines on the landscape in front of them. We see amazing lightening storms, cumulo nimbus, stratus, cirrus, mammatus, so many sorts of clouds.

I love looking up at the sky, looking at the stars and meteor showers or seeing a satellite tracking overhead. I’ve seen Jupiter and Saturn and Mars and Venus in the telescope.

The sky can keep you occupied for hours x