Partial Eclipse

There is a partial eclipse across Europe tomorrow. 25.10.2022. Don’t look up at the sun unless you have proper eclipse glasses. It can burn your retinas and blind you because of ultra violet radiation. But one thing you can do is look at the ground, either in a puddle and yo may see a reflection, or if you stand under a tree that’s in leaf you may see images projected on the ground that look like crescent moons. These are images of the sun as the moon partly glides across it. The reason for the images? The leave are acting like a pinhole camera.

Artemis probe

I saw there is an unmanned mission to the moon called Artemis. Its from NASA and its part of a plan to send a team including woman and a person of colour to the moon. Its fifty three years since the first men landed on the Moon.

I looked up Artemis and she was the Greek goddess of hunting, Similar to the roman goddess Diana. I suppose its a good name for it. I wonder when it will happen. I hope it does. I think it’s possible, but I really think it’s unlikely that we will ever go to Mars?


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was skyline.  I’ve been trying to see the perseid meteor shower that is currently happening but the moon has been too bright and has drowned things out with its light. I was hoping to see something because it’s been warm enough to stand outside late at night.. Felt pen drawing filtered in Photodirector.


What is Above? Is it only sky? I have a prompt to draw for and I’m trying to think what to do. I can start with tree branches or tall buildings towering over me. They reach up above me. Basically as I’m short anything above 5ft 6 inches is above me, so that includes kitchen cupboards! Upstairs? That too….

Then the blue sky and clouds are above us. The clouds could be white and fluffy or dark and threatening rain…but mountains can also tower above us. Even hills. The Blackpool tower?

Follow that with planes, satellites, space stations….

Asteroids, meteors, comets, planets, the moon, the sun, stars, the Oort cloud, cosmic rays, the milky way, galaxies, the universe.

I’m starting to feel rather small….