Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was Spring. I decided it was too cold to stand outside and draw daffodils so I decided to draw one from memory. Also couldn’t get my sketchbook page flat so it’s a bit curved… I have some with very strong orange trumpets and bright yellow petals so I think these colours are close.

Lesser Celandine?

We had a few yellow flowers last year. Now they are mounds! I think it’s lesser celandine. Apparently they are grown from little bulbules? They can get on your shoes and get transferred around the garden. I used to be on a natural history website where you recorded the date when the flowers come out. It’s clear that spring is getting earlier each year even though it is only changing slowly. Anyway I like these plants. Our garden is quite wild and it’s good to add different wild flowers.


Yellow and orange. Large flower heds. In front of the house. Cheerful and bright. They delight me when I come home. Signs of spring are showing everywhere now. The trees are starting to blossom, buds are swelling on the branches in my garden. I’ve seen blossom on the trees along the canal. But it’s been dry and sunny, it’s been exceptionally warm for this time in March. I worry because the temperatures are due to fall next week and frost might nip at the buds. But if it stays dry they might be OK. What we need now is rain to swell the buds and start the growth process. Cells expand when they absorb water, the become turgid and then, they start to photosynthesise. We are at the turn of the year.

Stop the War

Photos, film and video of the War in Ukraine show huge plumes of black smoke rising over burning and ruined buildings, theatres and peoples homes. Meanwhile Putin continues to lie to the Russian people that no civilians are being targeted. He is using the same tactics he facilitated in Syria with President Assad. He is trying to encircle Kyiv and raise cities like Mariupol to the ground. He is evil and brutal. His propaganda to his country is that it is a ‘ special project’ not all out bloody murder.

Make Art

Maybe Putin needs Art therapy. To try and calm his mind. He needs to concentrate on stopping the war, stopping killing and maiming people. Stop destroying people’s homes, their cities, their hospitals, their schools. Apartment buildings, theatres, vicious bombing and shelling. Ukraine needs peace. Children and babies are dying. Civilians are dying. Evil times.