Stoke-on-Trent urban sketchers challenge today. The prompt was bottles so I went and drew the ones I have on the windowsill in my bathroom. My favourite is dark blue. Then there is a ‘poison’ bottle of perfume a glass cat with a glass goldfish trapped in it. A square small gin bottle and an old chemistry bottle with a cork… I do like collecting stuff…

I used brush pens and permanent colour pens and a fine liner. On cartridge paper in my sketchbook…

Just enjoying the challenge of drawing the fern that has spread everywhere in the bathroom.


Poppies continued..

Here’s my attempt at my square (5) of the poppies painting. As you can see the image I was working from had a great big yellow five in it, so I ignored that. On the original photo the colour balance is more muted, but somehow on the one I was coding from the grass is quite orange. I decided to draw with felt pens, permanent markers and coloured pencils. It’s obviously too green, but it’s hard to layer up colour with pencils, they go shiny and form a waxy surface. After I finished this I added a few streaks of orange ermanent marker but they are too defined, so I left it at this. Positioning of the figure and hill is difficult. Hope when it’s added to the rest it will be OK.




Well this is interesting, I have got to draw a picture using a few symbols based on my alphabet idea. (I had to choose different symbols to illustrate each letter of the alphabet). The challenge only allows me to use the symbols for three letters. I have to come up with an image based on the word betrothed….

It’s going to be hard to come up with an illustration to represent it.

I also have to draw something to the idea crocodile eggs….. I’m not sure what I will do! Wish me luck!


Snack sketch


OK so today’s Urban sketchers challenge was to draw snacks. I chose pringles, my favourite apart from salt and vinegar crisps. Its not the most exciting drawing I’m afraid.

This challenge is every other day. Saturdays challenge was to draw red square in Moscow, but I’m afraid I didn’t get round to doing that. I have saved one of the photos so I might have a go later in the week.

Toothache is getting me down at the moment!




Today’s challenge in a friends Facebook group was to post a picture of yourself with the colour blue. I can’t find my facepaints so I put on a hat, picked up a magazine and stood in our bathroom with its blue painted walls.

I guess I could filter it and change it to intensify the blue.

Meanwhile I’m thinking of how to depict purple, which is tomorrows challenge. The idea is to collect a whole rainbow of colours and then the admin of the group will create an artwork. Interesting…


Green woman?


I love green. I’ve done a painting of myself as a green woman, and this is a selfie I did in the garden today. I was trying to complete a challenge with a group of friends to post an image of myself with different colours of the rainbow. Today the colour was green. I started out wrapping a pale green scarf round my head, but it didn’t work very well, so I went outside and stuck my head through the leaves of various bushes.

Are you doing any strange challenges or being prompted to do things you wouldn’t normally do?

Art you enjoying doing some crafts or art work. What occupies your time in these odd times?


Love, today’s challenge, day 22.


He loves his tractors, I love him, I’m not sure I love his hair.

I just realised how long my hubby’s hair is getting. If I cut it will he be like Sampson and lose his strength? Should I put it in a pony tail? He does have the look of a mad professor!

Anyway I did this one early, I’m usually a lot later doing a sketch for our Stoke Urban Sketchers challenge, but the prompt was love. My hubby was a good model, and including the tractor calendar just worked. If you look the little drawing above the bowl on the wall is meant to be me sketching. My friend did a caracature of me and its on the wall there. X

Cutlery drawer

USK Stoke challenge today was to do a sketch of your cutlery drawer. The final sketch had black ink lining round the objects which I originally did with just 5b pencil, but it looked too indistinct.

Sketching is getting to be a habit now. I don’t think I can stop when it gets to the end of this particular challenge. To add to that I also like the fact that the ideas are from different people, so they are eclectic choices. It’s much more interesting drawing things like cutlery as well as the view out the window.

What will tomorrow bring?

Keys, today’s challenge with #uskstoke


Today’s #uskstoke challenge, day 18, keys.

Drew round the keys with a fibre tip ink pen. I then coloured in the different keys and fobs and the magazine and DIY instructions forĀ  my wire fairy. Finally I added some thick black felt pen to the instructions and around the keys.

The keys do look a bit chunky, but overall I think it’s OK?