Sketching a choir

Take a dried up, broad nib, calligraphy felt pen. Start drawing, watch as the view changes because the line up of images moves when you have the songsheet with the words displayed. Try and sing and draw at the same time! It’s hard to look down at your sketchbook, up at the words, and across to your fellow choir members. I challenged them to try and recognise themselves from these crude sketches.

I have short legs

I just checked my step counter and it came up with this for March. But I do have short legs so it’s not as impressive as you might think. Plus this is steps not miles! Anyway I’ve surprised myself. I think I’ve done 55 days since starting the 100 day walking challenge with my friends. I think I’m slowly getting fitter. My average walk is around three miles. I’m tired and aching, but I will keep going barring injury or illness. Still over 250,000 steps is not bad going for someone who was basically sedentary before that. Yes I was doing a few walks a week , but I think doing this has helped enormously. X

#MendNotTrend day three

The challenge today was to created a printed, sculptural image. That was hard, I only have a round gold stamp and a black roller printer with letters. I also used a gold pen. This is called Cogs. Tried to get some movement in it!

I’m not really convinced by it, but we are meant to be creating abstracts, so perhaps I was being too literal?

Diana Rigg?

I do love drawing people, but there is less chance now of finding a subject. So when BBC 4 just showed a half hour interview with Diana Rigg in a programme called Face to Face from 1997? The image of her was full face far away, full face close to and profile images, so her face was fully in view was for approximately ten minutes. It’s a good bit of practice, as if you were drawing from life. The face never stops moving so you have to try and fix where the eyes are, how far apart, how long the nose? And the shape and size of the mouth. Plus the face shape. How long is her chin? How high her cheeks. Trying to see all of the face, not looking too closely at just one bit, so it fits?

Mark making

Drawing from April…. Why did I add glitter as the base of this? Then drawing over it in purple and black to include the cupboard and its content. I remember the feeling if the gritty glitter under the felt pens. Rough and making it hard to get straight lines. The teapot is definitely a bit wonky! It was drawn as a challenge with #uskstoke, day six. I like it because it wasn’t too safe. I need to think about style and how things look. This is a favourite although it’s very sketchy.


I fancy some cherries , it being completely the wrong time of year for them, this is a digital drawing done at sketchfu years ago. The site is closed now but it had simple tools you could use without adding layers (something I need to learn). This was a challenge to draw from a photo…

I keep finding old drawings and pictures so I just post the ones I like.


Don Letts portrait

I don’t watch Sky TV because I can’t afford it, but the Sky Arts channel has appeared on my Free view TV. So…..

The fifth episode of the seventh series has three people posing: Don Letts, Katie Piper and Rob Rinder. I thought I would watch, then decided to draw. I mooched about on the Web and found a photo of Don Letts to work from. I was struggling to watch the TV because I really got into doing the drawing so I missed most of the programme. If I had to say what’s the worst bit of the drawing? The forehead is too wide and high. I tried adding to the hat but that didn’t really work. Plus the hands are a bit clumpy…. I may watch and draw next week too….

Blue rose

Another digital drawing done at sketchfu a few years ago (site now closed). This was a drawing challenge. Artists would post photos and then challenge others to draw the image just using the sites simple tools. I don’t know if the original picture was photographed with ultraviolet light or with blue dye injected into the flowers.



Digital ddrawing of cherries I did at the sketchfu website years ago. As you probably know I used to draw there a lot before it closed down. This was one of the challenges we did. Different artists would draw from a photo someone would have posted for us to work from. It helped get me used to drawing digitally. I wish it was still going although as a moderator there it was sometimes hard to cope with some of the things people wrote and drew!

Black and white art…

I’ve duplicated the Picasso copies I did and put them through a black and white filter.

That way you can concentrate on the mark making I’ve made. I think there are some aspects of the marks I could have looked at better, but I also think I’ve got a bit of my own style in these. Plus you know me and pattern making. I can’t seem to stop embellishing things, so Picasso ‘speaks’ to me….

Is tthere any artist you would like to reproduce yourself….? It’s an interesting challenge to copy other people’s art, especially something you would never usually do. It helps you look and learn.