Today’s prompt for Esther Chiltons limerick challenge is Bread this week. I wrote this poem to be humorous and although I hate marmite I wouldn’t try and stop anyone else eating it.

Limericks have two rhyming lines at the start, then two lines with a different rhyme and then one single, final line, that rhymes with the first two.

Maybe it’s time to get your pen out…?

Play with the words, it’s fun, no doubt!

Rhyme and couplet

Words you can bet

You can be a real limerick lout!


When I was at school our teacher taught us a rhyme to remember how to pronounce the letter H (or ‘a itches are wrong’ it means you are dropping your H). It went like this:

Old Harry Oakes,

Host of the Hare and Hounds,

Has Hard, and Horribly Horny Hands!

We had to stand up and say this in class! I think it’s because we all had Birmingham accents and he wanted us to sound more middle class!

I can remember a few more rhymes and nursery rhymes that have popped into my mind recently. Is this a sign of getting old?