Old TV

When I was young we used to see

Children’s programmes on tv

Chigley, Trumpton, Camberwick Green

Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb were seen.

Then came the Herbs and a dog called Dill.

Parsley the Lion, I remember him still….

The theme music that we would sing

The Clangers, and Magpie, fun they’d bring

Puppet shows galore there were on TV

Like Stingray and Thunderbirds you’d see.

With Bill and Ben

Wild flowerpot men!

So much to remember from years ago

When I was a child…Memory fast not slow!

Keeping warm

Oil heaters to help keep warm

Supply some heat through the storm

With a heating radiator seized

These give off heat and I’m pleased

To keep comfy, snug and warm

They really work like a charm

But how I wish we didn’t have

A draughty house like a cave

That doesn’t really rhyme, I know

But poems about heating are low

On my list of things to write

Especially when the bill gives a fright!

A choice of light and heating?

Or having food for eating!

What am I doing today?

Today I feel like I’m drifting..

Things to do?

Yes, but I’m thinking

Ignoring the world

I’m just sitting

Down and just


Mulling over what to do

But I’m only prevaricating…

Have I got a clue

About future creating?

I don’t know what to do…

And I keep cogitating..

I have a thesaurus for a brain

My brain needs retraining!