Fairies flitting

DSC_2332_optimized (6)

Leap up and fly

In the sky

Searching round

About the grounds

Of ancient house

Or garden, green

Faries fly.

They’re rarely seen…

They find the flowers,

Chase the wasps

Feed the bees

Have fairie tasks

Grooming beetles

Catching frogs

To ride around

The lake and ponds.

Never seen by mortal men.

They live in a fairie glen.

Enough of whimsy

My tale is done

The story, flimsy

But lots of fun.

(sculpture of a Fairy at Trentham Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent)

Curled up cat


He’s sitting on my chair,

lying on my bed,

eating my food,

drinking my milk.

He’s taking the mickey,

having a laugh,

being very cheeky,

making me wait.

He knows I won’t move him,

won’t pick him up,

put his paws on the floor,

put him out of the door.

He’s a very lucky kitty,

sleeping on my chair,

he should be here..

and I should be there!

Winter Haiku


I wrote this for the 64 million artists January challenge on Facebook. (I think that’s what it’s called). Each day a different artistic challenge. I’ve only done a few of them, but it’s interesting to dip into.

” Just keeping warm now,                             It is hard to do for you………..                       Little bird in snow.”


I’m not sure if I’ve got the syllabul count right. Is hard one or two syllabuls?


Haiku Slam


We went to  haiku slam this evening. Poets read one of their own works then had to read out haiku’s they had written. Eight poets split into four couples read out three haiku’s each. The best out of the two progressed to a semi final, and then two ended up in the final. It was actually quite dramatic. Some wise and some fun words were spoken.

I did not enter the main competition. I don’t have enough knowledge of the form and I only dabble in poetry. But they had a little poetry competition running along side the haiku. I decided to just join in that, so three of us read a poem out and then had to leave the room while people voted. I came second which was a surprise. Maybe I should try and do more funny poetry, I read a poem called ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ about the frustrations of shopping that I wrote a while ago.