What am I doing today?

Today I feel like I’m drifting..

Things to do?

Yes, but I’m thinking

Ignoring the world

I’m just sitting

Down and just


Mulling over what to do

But I’m only prevaricating…

Have I got a clue

About future creating?

I don’t know what to do…

And I keep cogitating..

I have a thesaurus for a brain

My brain needs retraining!

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves leave the trees, wind blows and bowls them along the gutters. They flutter madly, sadly the end of summer edges away.

Sunshine strikes through low, dark grey clouds. Holds my eye as light streams by. Sky shimmers blue, high domed hue. Birds are leaving, wings weaving across the air.

Full of delicious fruit, trees reveal their loot of apples, pears, and sweet chestnuts fair. Mists and frosts, with mushrooms and toadstools found in field and woods.

Nature’s good, it gives and takes. It feeds at harvest time, crops gathered in, the end of summer win. And all the time, those leaves spin.

The outlook

What will happen.

Where will we be?

Who shall save us

If needs be?

We watch the world

And what do we see?

Too much damage

Too many crimes

No one caring

No big fines.

The world is creeping

Towards catastrophe?

Who even cares,

You or me?

The corporate world

Has profits to collect.

Shareholders to pay

Not tomorrow, but today.

Not caring whether

There money causes trouble

While all around?

The Earth turns to rubble.

Give peace a hope

Give earth a chance

Stay one of the ‘Woke’

In this merry dance.

Had to…

I saw a dragon

Hiding in plain sight

Standing by graffiti

Under a street light

But when I looked away

And looked again

I say!

The dragon it was gone

It decided not to stay!

I just wanted a pic

On my phone

But it was too quick!

So sadly all I have

Is its tail- just the tip

And a shower of loose scales

One of many epic fails!

Goodbye dragon

And now you’re gone!