Four years ago

This was from four years ago in 2015 when me and my hubby went and had a go at air rifle shooting. I’m not trained to use them, it was a one off. We maybe have a go once a year or less. They were not special guns just fairground ones. I think the distance we were shooting was probably four or five meters. The first picture is my hubby’s, the second is mine. I was slightly surprised at how I did. Just found this on Facebook memories.

I have also tried archery but don’t have the strength to shoot far with that.




Apollo 11

50 years on,

Watching the landing,

Seeing the moon

In another light.

I was young when it happened

I was allowed to stay up.

Marvelling at Man’s bravery

And ability

To fly to the moon.

Hold up my thumb

Moon has gone.

If they did the same

earth was gone too.

Infinity of space

We are miniscule.

Apollo as insect jumping to a new stone.

Taking a tiny step into the void.

Perhaps we will go further,

But life remains precious,

Our bubble got bigger

But remains tiny

In the shape of space.

Shumaker-Levy 9

25 years ago  comet called Shumaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter and the world watched as 20 cometary fragments hit the giant planet.


Hubble space telescope saw the first large impact, then watched as the fragments continued to collide.

The planet was affected and material from below the cloud layers was thrown up into Jupiter’s upper atmosphere.

Scientists are looking for comets and asteroids that might hit Earth not Jupiter. We are lucky to have the outer gas giants because their gravity can stop some of them getting through to us!

When I was forty


I did this self portrait. I don’t do many and haven’t done one recently. Maybe I should. At this time I had the front bedroom as a studio, until we got too much stuff and I moved my painting stuff out. My tee shirt was a recycling one but I haven’t seen it for years. I’m not sure what I think about this, but it’s another Facebook memory. It’s a bit blurred. I still have the original upstairs, will have to find it out.. Almost twenty years later.


Move to trash…


I have no space here. Each time I try and post a new photo I get the message that I don’t have enough space. 99 or 100% of memory full..

I will update my WordPress account although I don’t know if I can really afford it. I suppose I just got too involved in this, seeing my stats going up week by week. Feeling the excitement that people might like what I do.

So I’m using an old picture I drew instead of something new tonight. Eeking out my space. I have things I want to say but I don’t have space, photos I want to post, words to speak. Life to live. Maybe I can do more soon.


Don’t you know?


Don’t you know I love you?

Don’t you know I care about you?

It’s bleak out here

It’s cold and grey.

My heart is lost, broken, destroyed.

It hurts that you don’t care,

It hurts that you’ve gone away,

You are here in body but not in spirit,

You changed before my eyes

Your memory has glazed over

Milky white, foggy, out of focus

I can’t break in, I can’t get close

I still love you

Won’t you remember to love me too?