Exhibition news

For the second time in a few months we are holding an exhibition at the Whitfield centre in Newcastle under Lyme.

The Group Exhibition is on in three weeks. If you are around come along and see some lovely artists and their work.

I will be doing some painting for another craft fair the week after. I hope to be doing small paintings of things like bees and flowers. I generally find images I’m interested in and work from them off my phone photo gallery.

White rabbit

I couldn’t resist, I’ve never had my photo taken as a white rabbit before. My hubby had his taken as the mad hatter. This was at the New Vic theatre yesterday. The only problem was that I had to really crouch down as the cut out faces were really placed to be the right height for children. I was impressed by the quality of the painting. Whoever painted the Alice in Wonderland characters has a real talent, full of energy and funny.

Orme Art at the New Vic theatre

The one of art groups I am in, Orme art group, is having an exhibition on the theme of ‘Perspectives’. The show is at the New Victoria Theatre in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire. The exhibition starts on Monday 30th January 2023, and is on till the 25th of February. As the poster says, we are a diverse group, so it will be interesting to see what other people in the group are putting on display. After over a month of illness I’m really pleased to be involved with this. I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s up. One of the group members is a volunteer at the theatre and its great to be able to show our work to a wider audience there.


The Orme Art Group Exhibition is on from the 30th of January at The New Victoria Theatre, Newcastle under Lyme. The theme is Perspectives, the members of the group all have different views and ideas about what we want to create. In this case we are producing two dimensional pieces for this exhibition. If you are in the area please come along and enjoy our work. X

Carol cast cartoon

A celebratory cartoon of the cast of A Christmas Carol by Glenn Martin who did a brilliant job playing Scrooge. We had a blow up turkey suit so the person playing the turkey was much bigger than tiny Tim. I only played one part today. We were due to perform outside, but freezing rain, and members of the cast with or getting this horrible cold meant that we performed inside the guildhall in Newcastle-under-Lyme instead. We were accompanied by a brilliant school choir and my hubby really got into his role of ‘the ghost of Christmas present’. I was due to play Mrs Cratchett but the lurgy had knocked me sideways. The audience appreciated the show. But what was upsetting was that one of the casts phones was taken. Very upsetting, spoiled the fun.

Victorian stove?

This is the Cratchetts stove, a bit of painting I’ve done for the ‘a Christmas Carol’ performance this weekend. It’s a little bit splodgy, but the surface of the foam board was strange to paint on. Plus I’m very tired after not sleeping last night then getting up early because the gas engineer was coming round to service out gas boiler. Weird that I’m painting an old heating system at the same time as getting ours checked out. Serendipity? Maybe.

A Christmas Carol

This poster of our performance of a Christmas Carol has just been released. The painting was done by the organiser Glenn James. He’s a very talented artist and performer. If you happen to be around Newcastle under Lyme on these dates you might like to come and see us. The figure on the poster is a portrait of the actor Alistair Simm. He appeared in a film version of the story a long time ago (1950’s or 60’s), it was such a brilliant adaptation. I really love watching it.


I have to go and collect my owl painting from the Brampton open exhibition tomorrow. It was for sale and I would have liked to have sold it. I have an open studio day at Spode on November 12th so perhaps I could sell it there. I am pessimistic though. There is less money available and I think things will get a lot worse before it gets better. Being an artist doesn’t make you rich! But I can’t stop painting.


Trying to draw rain on a dry day! This was for todays #bandofsketchers prompt ‘rain’, I drew Westport Lake and then added strokes of pen to indicate rain and dark clouds above. It was a black and white drawing but I decided to add watercolours to it when I got home. Beyond the front line of trees is the A500 and the main railway line. Above that the hill leading to Newcastle under Lyme.