I will be at studio 21 at Spode tomorrow for our annual Open Day. Come and see me painting in the studio or visit the makers market where I will have minature paintings for sale. Then during the day I will try to complete a new painting of a bottle oven (a pottery kiln).

It’s been two years since I’ve been there properly. My fear of Covid, then illness and bereavement have kept me out. But everyone was so nice today. I’ve entered some of my minature paintings for the craft Market. I thought people might use them as Christmas stocking fillers. There’s everything from a tiny giraffe with an abstract background to a small Jupiter with great red storm and a moon passing by. Maybe I will sell a few.

Little paintings for sale.

Almost the end of my couple of weeks at the The Waiting Room Gallery at Longport.

I’ve had my paintings up for sale there and sold a few already. But as they are tiny I can’t say I’ve made a massive amount of money (less than £40 so far). But I don’t care, I’m just pleased people liked them enough to buy them.

What next? I might add ribbons to them and turn more of them into Christmas decorations for next year, after all I’m not sure when things will get back to normal (if ever) and at this rate it might be a long time before I can mount an exhibition.


I found these on my phone, small, colourful paintings in acrylic an tiny canvases. I think these were done a couple of years ago. I paint so many different things. I remember a lady from South Africa really liking these and getting one of them for her mother.

Today I get my results for my First term doing an MA. I hope I’ve done OK. You have to paint a lot of giraffes to get enough money to live on. So I’m trying to diversify! If I can get some illustration work that would be helpful. So fingers crossed and a deep breath. I will try and stay calm. X

Making Stuff

Im doing lots of things to take to two craft fairs at the weekend. Looking for inspiration and the right things to paint on. The tiniest are paintings of baubles. I have ribbon to add to them so you could even add them to a tree. I saw a robin in a photo and he was sooooo fluffy I had to paint him…finally Im trying to paint directly onto the little chalk boards so the abbey will need more work.


Here are some photos of my exhibition at Etruria. The show looks pretty good. I’ve sold a few pieces and talked to lots of people. I had a chat with someone from tourist information who was very helpful. I’m hoping that  I can do more work and that people will enjoy what I do. I’m sure I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m always willing to take on commissions so the choice of subject matter can be yours.


Paintings for sale


I have some of my tiny and mini paintings for sale at the Place to Be in Newcastle, Staffordshire.

Painted on small matchbox sized canvases, and some about 4 or 5 inches square. If you don’t have a wall to display pictures on you could choose something tiny and unique.
You will also be supporting the shop and the YMCA.

There are tiny paintings and the miniture paintings for sale.

 Find them at The Place to Be, York place, off Merril Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme,  ST5 2AH.
Facebook page @YMCANSThePlaceToBe .IMG_20171116_071646_815

I hope to produce more of these in the coming months.

I am also going to produce some greetings cards which will be for sale alongside them