We went out this afternoon because I really need to get some tiny canvases to paint some new minature paintings for the exhibition and craft sale on Saturday. We didn’t rush out. I thought if we got to the shop before five we would be OK. We actually got through the traffic and arrived at 3.50pm. The place was already closed! They close at 4pm! I must get there in the morning otherwise I won’t have much time (no pun intended) to get things done. Oh well, Tempus Fugit!

Craft fairs

Something has happened! I’ve decided I need to try and do craft fairs again. I have asked to do a couple, over two weekends. I don’t think I’m ever going to make money at it but I hope to cheer people up with my little paintings. I only charge a few pounds for them, but they don’t take up too much space and they can get placed on shelves instead of having to be hung on walls… Now I just need some more small canvases.

New brush pens

I have been tidying up and looking at art equipment that I didn’t realise I had. I bought quite a few things in 2020, but my filing system is more like a ‘piling it up in boxes’ system.

I’ve also found lots of paints, tiny canvases, small canvases with easles, new brushes and paper for drawing with pastels.

I also found a bag of glass cabochon pendants that I used to have on my craft stall before covid stopped the fairs happening. I shall have to try and see if I can get them in a gallery. Must take new photos.

The other advantage is, have more floor space in my living room!

Got some new canvases.


Excited to have got some new canvases. I hope to get out in the garden and paint from real life. The weather is not really good enough for it at the moment. We are having heavy showers so I would need cover to keep dry. If the weather improves I will try….

One day I might be able to exhibit my art again and I would like to have some new work ready for that.

I’d say ‘watch this space’ , but it might be better to say ‘don’t hold your breath!’