One of Those questions….

What jobs have you had?

OK, I will admit to having jobs, a few of them, but I’m not saying what.

Why? We give out a lot of information freely over the Internet. Stuff that only friends and relatives need to know. If you start telling everyone everything then other people can steal your identity.

People here know I’m trying to be an artist, and that I have done various jobs in my life. But to write it all down in a post asking what jobs you have done? That seems a little unsafe. Data protection is important and if I tell things that I don’t want people to know, I think I’m being foolish.

That said feel free to tell me all about yourself. I promise not to steal or use your data!?

Tell me everything that you do

So I can tell you my story too

And I won’t tell

Jobs you do well

I won’t lie, I will be true….

Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that want your information. Whether it’s your jobs, or bank details, what year you were born, your star sign. Where you went to school. How many jobs you had. We think of sites like this as a friendly forum, and in the main it is. But sometimes it’s better to be circumspect. X

Remembering songs

Something in my brain ‘dings’

I remember how the song ‘sings’

Music has a way of sticking

Notes together, metronome ticking.

Sound comes back as mouth opens

Words come out, with the vocals

Songs from months or years ago

We remember how they go!

From some dark corner of my mind..

My vocal chords my brain reminds

The timing, tempo, notes and all..

Into a pattern they all fall

My joy as memory keeps going

And music, memories it keeps sowing…

Back yard

It’s growing,

a bit of water

It’s gone mad!

Pots overflow

Burgeoning leaves

With green waterfalls

Bubbling out of the soil

Brown turned green

Ferns in the wall..

Yellow Welsh poppies

And dark mauve geraniums

Fun to see it grow

But no room to walk

A path is required

But raspberries

And blueberries

Have flowers

Now I need bees!

No mail…

Three weeks I’ve waited

Waited for my email

Email to be fixed..

Fixed, new phone

Phone number the same

Same…. No email

Email gone, lost

Lost – now connected

Connected, but no email!

For three or four weeks I waited.

The technician was ill

It’ll be fine now

He said this morning…

Now I can send,

But not receive…

Fired up my PC.

3800 emails!



How do you balance work and home life?

Balance, what’s that?

Retired: bored or busy?

Sometimes life sucks

Other times it’s lovely.

Time passes quickly

Flowers grow, and fade

Trees shed leaves

And bud.

Stay up late

Lose the daylight

A twylight time?

Prevaricate and regret…

Loss of what’s left…

I should work more

But my mind is tied

In gossamer threads

Of nothing…

Frustrated by

My lack of

Vision and


To do more…


Finding my way

Are you a leader or a follower?

I am not a leader,

so I must be a follower?

Following up a hill,

Always behind

Lost in a maze

Following my gaze

Happy to be lead

As long as its fair

and honest advice

Why don’t I lead?

I’m not bombastic

Or over confident.

I can and do try

But I prefer


Caring and thoughtful

I hope….