Soon will come the new Moon,

running over the sky,

hurtling through space,

so slow but so fast,

arc of light,

thirteen moons and

thirteen months in a year.

Cold and numb I stand and view you. Shocked by your light,

reflected glory.

You are time,

you are a clock,

your face turned to us

but constantly changing.

If one could visit you,

like in the past,

would we see times spell,

it’s awesome power.

Our sad world.

Old man’s bike

Old man’s bike

Old man’s bike

Has to have pockets,

Man’s old bike

Could be a plant.

Old man’s bike

Oiled and old rusted spokes

Man’s old bike

Malborough County.

Old man’s bike

Elderly wheels

Man’s old bike

With new tyres added.

Old man’s bike

Cycled up the hill.

Old man’s bike…..

He cycled down

Fell off

Landed flat on his back

Arms and legs flailing!

But old man’s bike

Was undamaged!