Shouting in the dark


I’m too small

The world’s too big

Shouting in the dark,


The world’s too small

Solar system so big,

Shouting in the dark,


Sun’s system is small

The galaxy is big

Shouting in the dark –


The galaxy is small

The universe is big

I’m shouting in the dark.


Shouting into infinity.

Is anyone out there –

To hear?

Whirlpool galaxy drawing


This took a few hours to draw on the old sketchfu website. I do love astronomy. This is not accurate, it couldn’t be with the limited tools that were on the website but it was fun to try and get a reasonable representation of it. Space is so infinitely beautiful. It makes me realise how tiny I am, how small our planet and solar system are in relationship to the mass of stars in a galaxy and the smallness of galaxies in relation to the infinity of the universe.

How important we think we are, we have so much on this world that we are using up. We are big in comparisonĀ  with insects and smaller still bacteria. Then even smaller viruses. The smallest things, molecules, AtomsĀ  and sub atomic particles.

Apparently we are halfway on the scale of size in the universe. Halfway between the infinitely massive and the incredibly tiny. Perhaps in realising this we can see we are not very important after all. I think we should take more care to preserve our tiny/huge planet so that humankind can continue to survive and flourish.


Infinity ad infinitum


Sometimes I just think about big things, infinity, dark matter and dark energy. I don’t know much about them so I won’t try and lecture anyone about it. It’s just when you hear that the universe is flying apart more and more quickly and that the gravity that holds things together is not going to hold the universe together. There is something called dark matter which apparently helps hold the universe together, but there is also something called dark energy which is forcing it apart. So in the future the universe will spread out more and more till light cannot reach out and darkness will descend as the universe cools …

So that’s cheerful….

Also the idea that the universe splits each time something happens befuddles me. So if a car crashes in one universe it might not in the next. Terry Pratchett the author wrote about going down the wrong trouser leg of time. Each split can split again and again, ad infenitum.

Maybe all the dark matter and energy is the other universes effecting us? I don’t know. I like thinking about things but I don’t always understand them.


Homage to Escher


This is a digital drawing I did in Photoshop in 2006.

The image is based on a self portrait drawing by M C Escher.

I have not included any of his lithographs and mezzotints as I am not sure about copyright on them. But you probably know them, and I would recommend looking his work up on Wikipedia if you haven’t seen them before.

From flights of birds or shoals of fish intricately drawn so they tesselate and move past each other, to water flowing downhill infinitely, people walking up and down stairs that twist and turn worse than in Harry Potter… Eschers work is mind expanding, exciting, exhilarating!

The lithographs I have seen are in black and white. Reality is skewed, people move in 3 dimensions, but at impossible angles. Up and down are confused.

Each picture is intricate, tiny details immerse you in an alien world. This is amazing art from the past, do have a look at them if you can.

See this link for further information: