Multiple bird images drawn ib black ink fine line pen. I tried to fit the shapes together. Clearly I can’t compete with Escher and his wonderful tessellations, but it was fun to try and think about how the shapes fit together. I looked at patterns as well as shapes, so each bird is an individual. They all seem to swirl round each other.



One of my favourite artists is Escher. His endless staircase and morphing fish into birds always intrigued me.

There is his self portrait which shows a hand holding a mirrored metallic globe. In it you see a bearded man. The image looks like a fisheye lens, the room around him is curved as the reflection follows the shape of the sphere. I think there are bookcases and stairs and windows reflected in it.

I only posted this because my drawing in homage to his came up on my Facebook memories today. It’s a digital drawing done on my Wacom tablet before my computer stopped working. That reminds me I must get it fixed……

Homage to Escher


This is a digital drawing I did in Photoshop in 2006.

The image is based on a self portrait drawing by M C Escher.

I have not included any of his lithographs and mezzotints as I am not sure about copyright on them. But you probably know them, and I would recommend looking his work up on Wikipedia if you haven’t seen them before.

From flights of birds or shoals of fish intricately drawn so they tesselate and move past each other, to water flowing downhill infinitely, people walking up and down stairs that twist and turn worse than in Harry Potter… Eschers work is mind expanding, exciting, exhilarating!

The lithographs I have seen are in black and white. Reality is skewed, people move in 3 dimensions, but at impossible angles. Up and down are confused.

Each picture is intricate, tiny details immerse you in an alien world. This is amazing art from the past, do have a look at them if you can.

See this link for further information: