Textured sunset

I put a sunset photo through the photodirector app (styles) and liked this result. The effect seems to be like oil on water, fluid but blocky. The colours are subtly concentrated in patches and the line edges are more curved.

There are about seven options for textures so I went through them all to choose the one I liked best. Some of them are more smudged than others.


Oh it’s just a doodle of blue birds on a green background. My ears are doing strange things, I just heard a song from the TV suddenly very loud in my left ear. Then I loud whistling. I got distracted so I posted this instead of something more interesting. Anyway you can see my process of drawing in one app then manipulating it in another. Off to stick my head under the shower to try and stop the whistling…

Dance, abstract design

Green and red complementary coloured abstract. Drawn digitally in a sketching app then manipulated in photodirector. The plate is a background you can place your design into in photodirector. The final image is a close up of the “dancers”. Maybe this idea is something I can pursue. The idea was inspired by a programme about Henri Mattise on Sky Arts.

Bad painting with added filters

A kind of rescue

Life isn’t all perfect paintings. Sometimes if you can’t work out what to change you could take a photo and then use some digital filters to alter the image. It may not be perfect but it can be more interesting…

I used photodirector tools to make this look more like a print. It could also be painted on wood. The point is playing can help creativity. I like being a mad professor of experimental art. X