Can you see a dragon?

Messing about with plastic dots glued down, then worked on it in layout app (a mirroring app) and then photodirector to change the texture and twist the perspective. Back to layout to mirror the result. Different colours and patterns seemed to create a horned dragon at the centre. I can see his nose and eyes, although part of his face appears hidden…. Having fun…


Swirls drawn digitally. Artrage oils and photodirector. Draw swirls then play with editing options. You can do all sorts of things with digital apps. I feel like this is a little like a coral surface or a Mandala.

Pattern again, my thing, I suppose I will never get enough of it. Something happens in my brain and I have to do this. I’m addicted to art and patterns. I love convolutions.


I used photodirector to adjust the textures in the effects part of its editing tools. I like the rippled effect, it somehow reminds me of the patterns in the cloudscape on Jupiter taken by the Juno probe a few years ago. Because I didn’t shade all the way up to the outlines I like the dark edge that lies between them and the silver shading. I could imagine using this style to illustrate a book cover or within a magazine article. Perhaps one day I will get a commission to do something like this? I don’t know.

Universe versions

Using a photo editor to create texture on today’s #bandofsketchers prompt universe. The texture/style tool in photodirector helps give an overall effect to a drawing, opening up the lines and giving a uniformity to this image. The image was a creative attempt at depicting a past and future universe.


Draw a repeating pattern (top left) of blue flowers (four petals joined into squares).

Add colours, use an app to mirror the pattern, use another one to distort the pattern of lines, or change hues. Erase some of the changes to get a variation in the pattern.

That’s what I do, start with something basic but slightly complex then change it either by hand or digitally. I’m hoping to use some of these patterns for my Final Major project at college.

Contour 4

Drawn this morning then mirrored and played with in photodirector. The idea is to draw a contour line around ink marks that have bled through from the previous page in my sketchbook. The initial drawing took a couple of hours, the duplication and mirrored images a few minutes. This is a combination of two lots of three images.

#bandofsketchers ‘hole’

I made a digital drawing based on the #bandofsketchers prompt of ‘hole’. Used my finger and a symmetry tool to create the pattern, then varied it using photodirector app.

The darker, softer image was the first, the other two were edited in photodirector and the images were duplicated in the Layout app.