Dooubled letter gllitch

Word press

You’re mmaking me dizzy!

When iI write poetry

You aadd a second letter

To the second word


Then you stop

For no apparent reason..

It’s like you are toying with me

Playing wwith my mind

See yyou stuck another

Double iin again….

What aare you doing?

Laughing at me?

Had to buy ANOTHER keyboard!


Oh well, I guess it was the storm, but my second keyboard I bought a few weeks ago has died. The computer shop said take it in and they will test it. In the meantime I’ve bought a slightly better, more comfortable one. Cost twice as much but hey.

Then I had a message that drivers were out of date, so now I’m updating them. I don’t know if I’ve got the will to tye anything today (coursework that is)….

I’m hoping it will be OK soon. Just got a message from Microsoft trying to sell me premium services… Nah…