Dragon fun

I had text message yesterday that my dragon book would arrive today. It hasn’t turned up yet! But because my computer is upstairs I can’t go and do work and be near the front door. Hubby has gone to bed so I’m a bit stuck and frustrated that I can’t get on. This image was digitally manipulated in Photodirector then put through the layout app on my phone.


Sitting waiting for my hubby while he was at an appointment. All the angles and layers made it an interesting view to draw. I got bored with looking at my phone and listening to ‘easy listening’ radio. I added colour when I got home. I also tried to draw a garden chair that was in the courtyard and looked a bit chunky.

You are number 17

You are number 17 in the queue

Your call will be answered shortly

You are number 16 in the queue

We are experiencing some difficulties…

We will answer as soon as possible

You are number 16 in the queue

You are number 16 in the queue

We are experiencing some issues with your call

You are number 14 in the queue!

Please bare with us while we try to answer your call.

You are number 13….

We want to answer your call..

You are 12..

Am I regressing?

You are 12…

Why Vivaldi….?

You are number 11

Why am I still waiting?

You are now number 8 in the queue

Sorry you are number 10 in the queue.

What? What? Why?

You are number 8….

Almost there…

You are 7

Yes I am!

You are 6

5, 4, 3, 2?

You are number 5 in the queue

We are sorry for the delay in answering your call.

You are number 4 in the queue

You are number 3

You are 2


You are number 1 in the queue. Thank you for waiting.

Oh what’s forty five minutes among friends…

Hello? Oh I’m sorry, Jack has just left for the weekend. Could you ring back on Monday?!



My friend sent me this information about gout (I’ve not been diagnosed yet). I have a face to face appointment tomorrow. I hope it will sort out what’s causing me pain in my joints. So fingers crossed (ouch!)

When you are dependent on using your hands to be creative its a real pain (pun intended) to have to stop. I will be really grateful if this can be sorted out. I’m hoping for a positive outcome on this. So it’s a thumbs up (lol) from me. X

He looked out

He looked out of the window and watched the sun set, clouds filled the sky, another night to go roaming. He started to get ready. A quick wash and brush up and he was out of the back door. Walking down the alley between the houses until he got to the side road.

He was standing by the bins, waiting for his mate when he heard a scuffing behind him. He turned and saw a shape rushing off, without thinking he gave chase. Fast over the cobbles, he was as fit as he’d ever been. But the dark figure was faster. He felt his heart thudding as he reached the other end of the alley. The figure was a yard away, he jumped and made a grab for it…..

The cat came in through the cat flap, a mouse moustache. Proud of his hunting skills.


Tied in knots.. An old drawing from the 80’s

The results of this semesters work on the illustration course I am doing are not due out till the middle of June but we go back to work at the start of June. So effectively we are starting back without knowing if we have passed or failed. The fees are due so you might also pay without knowing if you are allowed to continue. To say there are quite a few nervous students about is no joke. Tied in knots, waiting to see what happens next.

New lockdown!

Locked in, hidden, hiding under the duvet. Fearful, lost, caught in this world. But I will follow the rules. I don’t see any reason not to. We are trapped in history, waiting for the moments to pass. Waiting for clean air, waiting for a meagre spring, when life, at least in nature, might come back to renew the world again.

We have been too hasty to drop our guard. Ill led by men with hidden agendas. Some leaders shone, others discarded life in exchange for monetary power. But maybe the earth will win in the end. The environment protected as never before. We must live to our means, not to our greed.