Wet cat

Like a stone hung from a chain, I can tell the weather by our cat.

Wet cat, it’s raining

Cat looks white, snowing

Cat covered in white dots? Hailing

Cat hot to the touch? Sunny

Cat in a cloud? Foggy

Cat with hair on end? Windy or angry!

OK, silly post! I wrote it because the cat just came in and he’s as wet as an otter in a stream (exaggeration)! ❤️

Earth moves…

We think the Earth goes round the Sun and the Moon goes round the Earth. So at the end of a year the Earth is in the same place as a year ago. Right? Wrong! The Galaxy is spinning and the Sun moves with it through space. The Earth orbits the Sun but because the Sun is moving the Earth spirals along around it, and the Moon curves and spirals round Earth. So hard to try and draw! If we could time travel we would have to move through time and space to get back onto the Earth. But if you take into account the speed we are travelling and the distance we will have travelled around the Galaxy, I imagine it would take a great deal of energy to do it!

Coronal Mass Ejection


Image of the Sun showing a solar flare leaving the Sun. The flare was huge, but it was on the far side of the Sun. If you go to Spaceweather.com you can find out more. Apparently it was from a large group of sunspots. (darker areas of the sun involved in the magnetic lines of force within the sun, they get twisted together and produce solar flares). I am not an expert. But I do know you should NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN. EVEN DURING SOLAR ECLIPSES, Spaceweather.com has all sorts of information on it.


Want to find out more about Sunspots? Also the Solar Wind, Near Earth Objects, Meteor showers, Cosmic rays?

Try viewing https://spaceweather.com – today it has information and photos about the largest sunspot seen in years. The Sun has a solar cycle, it has a minimum and maximum activity over a period of 11 years. It is caused by the Sun’s magnetic activity. I can’t explain the science properly so have a look at the site.

It also shows information about Auroras and comets among other things, and it is understandable and not too technical.


The Moon’s out

A glint, a glimmer through the clouds. Blue sky darkening. Sunlight catches the side of the moon, there is a hint of where the Sun is, down and to the right of the moon. About thirteen times a year the moon is in this stage of its phases. I’m not sure, but because most months are thirty one days (four are thirty days, one is twenty eight or twenty nine and seven are thirty one) this adds up to twenty nine or thirty extra days over the year. If we had thirteen actual months, not lunar months in a year, what would we call the thirteenth? Lunary? Lol

There’s a comet out there…

Somewhere at sunset a comet called Leonard is heading in towards the sun. It has two tails and is near Venus in the night sky. The tails are quite long and have become more visible. One is a tail of cometary gases heading away from the sun, and the other is an ion tail which curves due to the sun’s magnetic field. I love astronomy and the information is what I remember from watching TV shows. The trouble is it’s foggy here now! I think it will have disappeared by the time our weather improves.

For more (and much better) information go to Spaceweather.com it’s full of interesting information about the sun’s coronal Mass ejections, X Ray flares, Cosmic Radiation and Near Earth Objects (chunks of rock, asteroids, meteors, that are near the earth and flying past us), sunspots and its magnetic field. There are also videos and photos of the sun’s activity. Worth a look.

Happy Sun

One of my little paintings has been reserved. It might be a Christmas present for someone? It’s pleasing to think someone likes it enough to buy it. I must think of new things to paint. Whether to do mythical images again, like green men? I don’t know. I’ve got lots of canvases to fill. I’m not making much money out of them but at least it’s a small success.

Seaside colours

Just drawing in these colours gives me memories of sunny days at the seaside. If the colours were greys and turq, with some white added I would think of wild stormy days.

I remember a seaside holiday in the summer that was very grey and wet. The rain started as we arrived and took a taxi from the station to the chalet we were staying in. I was about eleven and I remember staring out of single glazed windows down a steep hill. I can’t remember a beach? I do remember mom having to put coins in a box on the back of a TV so we could watch it.w

Eventually the weather cleared up m I remember a harbour with lots of sailing boats. I think we went mackerel fishing but all my family got seasick except for me. The fishing lines kept catching fish and I pulled them in. When we got back the fisherman tried to give mom all the old fish but she insisted we got the ones I had caught. I don’t know what happened to them.

I also remember a hovercraft trip on a very choppy sea and eating egg and chips in a rough cafe. Funny what comes back when you see an image..