Reach out to WordPress?

I keep trying to submit a question about Jetpack to WordPress but the support submission form won’t open. I filled in a question on another page but at the bottom it said this comment box is not for questions and to use the support form. So I tried and it still won’t open. I feel like I’m going round in circles and that people like me are too unimportant to WordPress.

This is what I wrote:

I don’t have enough memory on my android phone to add another app. I’ve asked what to do and someone suggested deleting other apps but I use them daily. Or I get messages that deleting them will affect the performance of my phone. I cannot afford a new phone (I can’t afford to pay for fuel, how can I pay for a phone?) This is stressing me out and I only have five days to try and work out what to do. I feel this is for the convenience of WordPress and Jetpack and not their customers. I’ve been told to ‘reach out’ but don’t have a solution. I will have to spend my pension money on a new memory card if I want to keep using WordPress on my old android phone, I feel so frustrated about this.

Mixed up phone photos

I decided to free up a bit of space on my phone yesterday as I was on over 90% full. I really need to get more memory on my phone as I have over 3,000 images. The trouble is when I optimise and delete photos it resets the date on them so sometimes they all reorder themselves and jump around in my gallery until they settle down. Then I end up with a lot of duplicated photos and I have to go in and delete the duplications, and I also try and edit the others and try and delete more of the ones I don’t like. I hope you don’t have these problems!

The featured image is a painting of frost on canvas where I edited it in a filter to change the colours. It just popped up in my photo gallery.

Get the jetpack app?

I have a problem. Notifications are closing on 8 March on WordPress and I keep getting a message to get the Jetpack app. But my phone is over 90% full. I don’t want to delete any of my other apps and I don’t think I have room. Also why separate one section of WordPress from another? Or is the whole shebang changing? Why don’t users have a choice, why are we always imposed on? Not everyone can afford to upgrade!

Fell asleep!

Argh! I’ve been out all afternoon working on some paperwork and I got really tired. I should have gone out this evening, but I fell asleep and woke up a while ago, feeling dazed and confused as the saying goes. I don’t feel like going for a walk, I think I’m allowed a rest. I feel very guilty, but if I fall asleep I must be tired? I know I shouldn’t miss things but I couldn’t help it. Now I feel like sleeping again. I should write a limerick!

Please forgive my tardy brain

I should go out, but what a pain!

I just fell asleep

My dreams to keep

I want to go to sleep again!

Why do (swear words) computers go wrong?

Yes that’s an old floppy disc… Yes my pc used to run them. Yes it’s old. But it’s normally fine. Then tonight? I need to download photos for my report and instead I just get a black square. A bit like a blank floppy disc with a – and an X in one corner. No I made to transfer to my photo files! I’m ready to scream. I have just restarted my computer and run a virus scan. If that doesn’t work I will be having words with the local computer repair people. Maybe it’s just a glitch!

Blue and yellow on my mind

Sunflowers and blue leaves, abstract pattern. Waiting for a resolution, no sign of peace or compromise. Women and children, old men and women try to escape. But their routes are snared with artillery and arms. Meanwhile the world waits for what? Who can guess… Time flies, slowly. Only a few days feels like a month of Sundays. I’m starting to avoid the news. So bleak. So much pain but so much bravery. My country? Keeping refugees out! Talking about security breaches instead of desperate humanity. Bean counters. May they be told to help instead of hindering. Me.. I’m just sad and confused.


Get me some daffs to go with the tulips I said… So he did..

I also asked for some cheese for sandwiches, so he bought really hard cheese like parmizan which you would grate on to pasta. And the quiche I asked for turned into a pizza….

I don’t know if its a tactic to get over being asked to go shopping, I do wonder? I know supermarkets do substitute things, but to say that there was only one sort of cheese in the chiller cabinet? I guess he walked past the cheese and went to the Italian counter instead. And he told me there were lots of daffodil flowers for sale, he’d seen them earlier? But he came back with sprouting bulbs. Clearly he can’t hear or doesn’t understand.

MAILER DAEMON, failure notice?

What does mailer daemon even mean? When you send an email to a company after they have given you a SPECIFIC email address, you copied it down twice, then it comes back with a failure notice? Is it that they want you to fail, to think it had gone through and they are dealing with it? So annoying! What to do? I went online and found an ‘info@’ email address. I have forwarded the email there. I hoe it gets through. I included the email address I had been told to send it to. Let’s see what happens?

Raspberry flower?

It’s Mid-october and things were mild but now they are getting colder. Last week we had temperatures in the high teen centigrade and this week they have gone down to 12 or 13 in the day time and 5 or 6°C at night. Leaves are finally starting to change colour but still some plants seem to think its Spring!

My Raspberry plants for instance have come back into flower. I don’t have a close up lens, but I managed to get a photo of this raspberry flower. It’s a bit cold and bedraggled after the cold, heavy rain we had today, but despite a tinge of brown on the edges of its petals its still trying. It probably won’t turn into fruit as there are no insects around now. Still interesting to see.