Get the jetpack app?

I have a problem. Notifications are closing on 8 March on WordPress and I keep getting a message to get the Jetpack app. But my phone is over 90% full. I don’t want to delete any of my other apps and I don’t think I have room. Also why separate one section of WordPress from another? Or is the whole shebang changing? Why don’t users have a choice, why are we always imposed on? Not everyone can afford to upgrade!

My stats are booming?

I’m not sure what is going on, but I’ve had a lot of views on my account. No extra likes or comments than normal. It seems strange. I don’t mind but it’s just odd. Should I be bothered?

What’s going on?

Well I think whoever is viewing my blog isn’t that interested in it if its just one person. So that makes me question its content. Maybe I should try and work out if there are any improvements I could make?

I don’t know if I should question things like this. Maybe I’m oversensitive. I know I think too much. What do you think?


Funny questions, why do they ask. Looking at social media I see questions like this quite frequently. Some people answer, others say it is a way of gathering information. I’ve started giving weird answers. My answer to this was: the rightious indignation of honey bees.

I like words so it’s fun to make up strange answers. Why should people know what I ate for lunch? Or which side of the bed I sleep on. Or how long ago I ate a biscuit? An hour ago…. There I go sharing personal information again… And my password for everything is not drowssap either!

my old friend


Yes, its almost 3.30am. No I can’t sleep. Yes, the neighbours security light keeps flashing on and off….flash.. flash…No, I can’t calm my thoughts, yes, I tried counting sheep. Yes, I just had a warm drink (decaff coffee). Yes, I am tired. No, I do’t know if I should be sticking commas after Yes, and No,. Yes, I WANT to sleep. Yes, his snoring doesnt help! No I can’t count sheep, they get blurry and disappear. No, it doesn’t help having to wear a mask for sleep aponea at night. Yes, I am too hot, but the house is too cold when I get out of bed. Yes I AM looking at a screen, which I know is bad for sleeping! Yes, aches and pains are NOT helping.

Yes, I try relaxation, sometimes it works, not tonight. Whats bugging me? I need to try and sort a friends problems out. No, I can’t tell her I don’t think I can help- I’m her friend. Yes, Covid is worrying me a lot. Yes, I’m very hot and bothered…. No- THIS IS NOT Helping! Oh well, better go back and TRY and SLEEP…

Hello Insomnia, my old friend, you’re keeping me awake again… its 3.40am- again.

Still 🤒

I am trying to drag myself out of an illness today, but all that seems to happen is that I fall asleep. Its only a stomach bug (enough information), but it really hit me yesterday.

Should I blog about this? I’m only explaining because I’m usually here everyday, writing endless things about art or silly poems. I do wonder sometimes if there is a point? Would anyone miss my words. It’s when you’re feeling a bit down that you start to question why I do this. Is it like vanity publishing? I wonder…

Where does snow come from?


Yes dear?

Is it falling feathers?

Or dandruff from god?

Is it ripped paper

White ash?

Is it magnolia petals

Or rose flowers?

Duck down

From the sky..

Could it be dessicated coconut?

I’ve never seen white flakes

Gently landing

Painting the ground

And trees

Covering the land

And houses?


It’s Snow.

Winter used to be cold

And white.

Frozen water

Hexagonal delight.

Quiz night on Zoom

That was hard! After winning last time we could only come third this time with devilish questions.

Who knew a Cria is a baby Alpaca? Not a baby Llama by the way.

You had to know the scores on Scrabble tiles for heavens sake. I thought William Shakespeare had a score of 30? it was 32.

We came close, 43.5 against 48. Some inspired guesses, but who knew the train line across Australia is called the Gan, which in turn is based on the old name for camel trains?

These questions keep getting harder!


Cooking and dessert apples, over the last few days we have collected lots of them.

I have questions. Can you freeze apples if you just cut them up, or do you have to cook them first?

Crumble or pie? Cake or tart? I’m thinking of what to use them in. Do I cook them till they are mush and turned to puree then freeze it. Can I make Cider? I also have lots of pears on the tree, can I make Perry? I might bake them in the oven after removing the cores and then serve them with custard?

What do you think? Any suggestions?

Won a zoom quiz


It was a bit chaotic, but fun. Questions included what whale and bridge have the same name (humpback). Who sang my boy lollypop (millie small), mimi was a character in which opera (la boheme). We were half a point in front at the end. It was a close run thing. Teamwork is so important. Seven teams, how can you have so much fun online? Did I say? We won!


Quiz name?


I’m part of a quiz team which is meeting online for the first time, and we need to decide on a name for us.

It’s complicated because the team will be videoconferencing and texting at the same time… Technology. As they say its a steep learning curve.

Then of course there’s the questions. I think there might be a theme to them. When I went to a ‘real life’ quiz run by the same people the theme was seasonal. I don’t have a clue about the questions. As long as they are not music or sports based.

So wish us luck and hopefully by Monday we’ll have a name.