My stats are booming?

I’m not sure what is going on, but I’ve had a lot of views on my account. No extra likes or comments than normal. It seems strange. I don’t mind but it’s just odd. Should I be bothered?

What’s going on?

Well I think whoever is viewing my blog isn’t that interested in it if its just one person. So that makes me question its content. Maybe I should try and work out if there are any improvements I could make?

I don’t know if I should question things like this. Maybe I’m oversensitive. I know I think too much. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “My stats are booming?

  1. It can be hard to believe the stats sometimes but it might be true. Someone might be “lurking” on your blog, I mean not giving a like or comment but looking at a lot of the posts. Can you tell what country they come from? I get a lot of views on an old post and updated it asking if people are really reading the post because it doesn’t get likes or comments but no one is answering. Maybe someone from your college classes is reading to see your progress on your dragon project. We can only guess but don’t worry about it. Maybe WordPress does it to give us a boost. Maybe someone in China has internet access but can’t give a like. My stats often don’t add up either. Like, when I make a new post and the stats suddenly jump and no country is showing for the new number and other weird stat happenings.

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  2. Another thing is that I see you recently made a lot of posts so maybe WordPress is putting the posts on the recommended sites to a lot of people. They could be actual readers and you are getting known.

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