I thought my media was gone!

I just tried to delete some of my images because the memory on my WordPress media is on 99.8%!

For some reason all the photos went blank and the system would not let me delete any of the images, very worrying. What to do? All I could think was switch the phone off and switch it back on again… I held my breath. Yes! It’s working properly again.

I don’t know why it stopped, I had tried to use the free media section and it would not upload an image from there, so perhaps that created a glitch? All I can say is when I tried to look up the artist John Constable on it I got lots of images that were very generic, and non showed a Constable painting! Oh well….

My phone died!

Every single app has disappeared! I’ve got the mammoth task of uploading everything I use. But I’m not used to this phone. I’m all over the place. I keep closing the screen instead of hitting the space bar. My PC needs syncing to everything on the phone. Goodness knows how I’m doing this. I have the landlines phone here as well. The chap in the shop said he’d sorted my email out, but it’s not linking to the server.

Mind you I feel sorry for him! As he tried to download all my contacts and images the phone superheated and burnt him! I’m very lucky to have anything to transfer! The battery was down to 17% when he got the phone and 1% when he finished!

So if there is a hiatus in my posts, please forgive me. X

Limerick time

Mondays are laugh along with a limerick day from Esther Chiltons blog.

I usually just write something and post it there but the prompt ‘shake’ struck a nerve (pun intended) so I decided to share it here too. I do have a shake and I am waiting for an appointment to find out the cause. And it doesn’t really pause. It keeps shaking, even at night. And I’m really tired and fed up. So here it is.

My stats are booming?

I’m not sure what is going on, but I’ve had a lot of views on my account. No extra likes or comments than normal. It seems strange. I don’t mind but it’s just odd. Should I be bothered?

What’s going on?

Well I think whoever is viewing my blog isn’t that interested in it if its just one person. So that makes me question its content. Maybe I should try and work out if there are any improvements I could make?

I don’t know if I should question things like this. Maybe I’m oversensitive. I know I think too much. What do you think?

When you think you are blogging…

Grr. I blog here and have this page linked to Facebook. Or so I thought. But because I haven’t kept an eye on my Facebook art page I didn’t realise they are not synchronised. I know my posts here are going somewhere. To my normal page I think. I’ve just opened my art page up to the public. It was just for friends, I may limit it again. I don’t know. Having this cold isn’t helping me think very clearly!

Facebook (meta?) has a tenancy to change things without letting you know. I’m not that savvy with these things so if I don’t see a notification about how things have changed I don’t necessarily know about it. Then I get surprised by things like this. Anyway… Sigh…. X

Not keeping up

So much to read, do, think about. My blog is suffering, I’m out walking a lot more, and tired out when I get back. So I sit and rest. I can’t keep track. Emails, posts, lectures, reviewing, learning, tired.

Can I do it? Can I keep going? I’m hoping as I get fitter I will be able to catch up and do more. Don’t ask me to add to my burden, I don’t think I can take on more. Had my first good night’s sleep for a month last night, but I’m still tired.



I just unlocked some grief, from long ago. It was hidden deep, the reason why I don’t buy many clothes and shoes for myself. 

Why I feel guilt, and hurt, sad to be left behindy by my dad. 

Father died and we had nothing but his bequest to buy clothes for his funeral. That set up the guilt, Mom needed the money more than us. But she insisted, we had to be smart. Look nice. To choose our own outfits. I think that has always stayed with me. Grief and guilt mixed into a behaviour. Still sad now all these years later. 

Loose Tea


Just found this sketch in my bag. I was trying to explain to my hubby that we had a metal net type thing, two hemispheres of mesh that close up and clip together to hold the tea in. It’s like an old fashioned tea bag. Maybe this is something people could start using again. It would save on paper and you could put just the right amount of tea in just for you……..

The only trouble is I can’t find the darned thing!