I’m going to shrink a lot of my images to thumbnail size and derlete the old photos. It’s going to take some time, but my phone memory and WordPress memories keep getting fuller. I don’t like doing it because I want people to see my art, but I’m hoping if you look on the images on a tablet and a computer you will be able to see them OK?

I hope the blogs will still be acceptable. I am also deleting a few older images. I’m on 97.7% full media at the moment. It’s going to take ages to try and reduce my file sizes, hopefully the words don’t take up too much space.

How big is Earth

My Earth painting.

How big is Earth’s diameter? Just under 8,000 miles. How big is its circumference? Just under 25,000 miles. That’s not very big really. There are statistics saying how many Earth’s fit into Jupiter, the biggest planet in the Solar System, or even how many Earth’s would fit into the size of the Sun.

What I’m trying to say is, this is the third planet from the Sun, in the habitable region of the system (not too hot or too cold) and we need to look after it. We are using up its resources at an alarming rate, polluting our home world with plastics and toxic waste, killing off the insects including bees with insecticides and heating it up till the North and South polar icecaps are severely effected and melting rapidly. Why are we doing this? Are we, like Covid19, like a virus, impacting on our host, the Earth.


Old measurements


We were discussing old measurements this morning and started talking about the transition from the old imperial measurements to metric. I was only a child when it happened and we went from pounds, shillings and pence to pounds and pence during ‘decimalisation’.

I was trying to think of old words for measurements of size and volume. The ones I remember, but don’t know the sizes or amounts are… Gill (still used) , peck, chain, acre (still used), pint (still in use) fluid ounce (still used), mile (still in use). Quart and Gallon(still in use). Stones, Pounds, ounces, (still used). I’m sure there are lots more, but I was young when they changed. You can see Britain over the last fifty years has acted very slowly. It has used dual measurements over the last few decades, with some things measured in litres and kilograms and kilometers.

I do worry that we might have to revert back to the old weights and measures when we leave Europe. Its a mad world we live in! I think the British want to go back and live in a simpler age, like the 1950’s! But we can’t time travel despite having a popular TV programme that does just that! (Dr Who).

Saggy and baggy


No one tells you as you lose weight how saggy and baggy you can get, the weight goes but your skin doesn’t shrink overnight. I have lost a lot over the last three years and now I feel like a half empty balloon! I’m flabby and I need to shrink!

I get into my clothes and everything seems to distribute evenly, but there are bulges I don’t like. Maybe I should get a corset? That’s what my mum and grandmother wore. Does anyone remember liberty bodices? I had to wear one when I was young. Thicker than a vest with clips for stockings, I think it was to get girls used to corsets. Luckily I grew out of it and got vests instead.

I know why I’m not ‘ toned,’ because my job was too sedentary, and being an artist I still do a lot of sitting down. I need more exercise.