How big is Earth

My Earth painting.

How big is Earth’s diameter? Just under 8,000 miles. How big is its circumference? Just under 25,000 miles. That’s not very big really. There are statistics saying how many Earth’s fit into Jupiter, the biggest planet in the Solar System, or even how many Earth’s would fit into the size of the Sun.

What I’m trying to say is, this is the third planet from the Sun, in the habitable region of the system (not too hot or too cold) and we need to look after it. We are using up its resources at an alarming rate, polluting our home world with plastics and toxic waste, killing off the insects including bees with insecticides and heating it up till the North and South polar icecaps are severely effected and melting rapidly. Why are we doing this? Are we, like Covid19, like a virus, impacting on our host, the Earth.


4 thoughts on “How big is Earth

  1. There’s too many of us, we need to become caretakers, not just takers. It’s easy to blame those in charge, but each of us lets them. Political systems and dare I say religions favour the rich greedy control freaks and pit us against each other with distractions instead of focusing on the single biggest most important thing we have in common. The health of our planet. It sustains us, but we’re slowly killing the host.


  2. Space facts tend to boggle my mind, and Jupiter is one of my favourite planets to look at because of its size. I can’t fathom planets or stars that can fit thousands of Jupiters, but they exist.

    Anyway I’m pretty certain that we as a species might not make it past the ‘blink of an eye’ equivalence of space time as a whole. Thanks for this post!


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