Old boathouse Rode Hall

Rode Hall View. Walking down from the hall to the lake. At the end of the pathway is this old boathouse. I didn’t get a look inside so I don’t know if there is a boat in there or not. There’s a lot of moss growing on the roof, so it might be quite damp in there. At least there is a life saver ring on the back of it, so if anyone fell in they could be rescued.

Lake painting

Finished Lake painting I started a week ago. It’s of a lake, I think I’m the Lake District, the reference photo was from a friend in the Orme Group of artists. I may have somewhere to show it for a few weeks. It will be for sale. And suddenly I’m painting again. My arm is still shaking and it cramps up when I paint, and the lines wobble a bit but I have to paint. I just have to.

Staring into space

I asked my hubby what he was thinking about when he stood at the edge of the lake. He said, just the distance, the weather, how calm the water was. The cool breeze, the reflections.

It sounds lovely and calm. No fears, no worries. I said to him, think of it again at bed time. Let it dispel any anxieties or worries. Just picture yourself on the bank, looking out. Let your mind drift away to quiet thoughts and gentle sounds. I might just try and do the same myself tonight.

Why does everything look like a painting in the UK?

This question from an American friend made me laugh, then think. I guess the answer is that some of the subjects I take photos of are picturesque. That is to say, fit the ideals of what a painting should look like. But I guess I cropped this to improve how it looks, and I chose to take a photo of it. I saw other views that I could have photographed that would not have looked as nice.

Pink sunset

We walked round the lake and saw the sky turning pink. The glow spread across the surface of the lake but didn’t develop further. Ten minutes later as we drove home, the sun peeped out from undet the clouds. I couldn’t stop but saw the sky turning dark grey in front of me and the sun reflected in my rear view mirror. I hoped to drive towards a rainbow but as the rain started to fall the sun hid itself behind the clouds again. Went howm to a hot decaff coffee and a mince pie!


Unusual to see hollyhocks on a walk round a nature reserve like Westport Lake. I guess the seeds may have been dropped by someone feeding the birds? It’s more the plant you would find in a cottage garden?

I’m glad it hadn’t been grubbed up. It suddenly reared up about six foot high next to the low hedge of the maze that has been created at the far end of the lake. It definitely is a hollyhock plant, my mum used to grow them in our garden. When the flowers fade they make big round seed heads that easily break into flat seeds, shaped a bit like orange or satsuma segments.