I sometimes start a blog on one theme and for some reason meander off in a completely different direction. Like a river meanders randomly, curving one way then the other.

Curving frequently, tributaries joining,

Increasing the flow, sinuous,

Like a snake, swallowing its own tail,

In places becoming, formingĀ  through sediment,

A famed oxbow lake, a tiny part of the whole, trapped and landlocked.

When it reaches the sea all its strength is dissipated.

Numerous streams wander a delta down to the water.

Seagulls trim their wings

And fly fiercely overhead.

My story meanders again,

As a gull steals my chips ……

I started at point A, wove around and ended at point B. Strange how like a journey we can be transported by words, drift along into a story or a song… .

Going on holiday

One of the pleasures of going on holiday for a few days in a hotel is not having to cook for yourself.

A couple of nights ago we found this Italian restaurant down by the river in Otley. Some of the food was quite expensive but delicious and a real treat. I sat and drew the view while waiting for the meal (see previous post), but I don’t think I posted pictures of the view out of the windows over the river. Sorry I don’t know what the river was called., but there was a heron flying about and landing where the water pooled to flow over a weir. There must have been some bad weather as there were some tree branches and clumps of soil lying in the river. I don’t know if it is ever cleared up. Anyway I went off on a tangent. The meal was splendid. I would go again