Tree by river

Tree or trees? One limb broken. The grey path reflects the grey sky. Water rushes down the river, brown and muddy. In speight, almost overcoming the banks. The rain is trapped on the pathways, the grass sodden and squelchy. I walked along there this afternoon as part of a long walk. I can feel the wet mud between my toes overtopping my shoes, pulling at their soles. Water is like glue. Stronger than gravity. My feet lift out of the shoes as they lift from the ground. My feet still feel cold and are aching hours afterwards. Perhaps I need a bowl of hot water to soak them in. I wish I’d got some bathsalts! Time to rest.

December prompt

Thermocouple fan sitting on top of the New Scientist magazine. Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was mechanical and this was the first thing that came to hand….. Heat from a fire is converted via a thermocouple into energy to rotate the fan. It should sit on top of something like a log burner so the base gets hot but hubby has it lying down in front of the halogen heater…. He likes watching it whirl…