When you can’t get a birthday card or a cake for a friend…

I wanted to send a friend a card… sketch-1588070609298

I found a tin with a slight dent in the rim so I could push a candle holder into it. Then I added a tiny birthday cake candle and lit it and took the photo.

Added the text later in a sketch app.

I sent this to my friend with her name edited onto it. What is it they say ‘necessity is the mother of invention ‘?

Thank you friend


This arrived in the post today from a friend in America. The stamps depicting mural are great too. I like real (snail) mail. I like the fact you can recieve something real and tangible.

I love my friends drawing of a fox carrying holly in its mouth. Very nice. No doubt I will reply in the near future. Thanking her for the kind message inside. I’ve got to get my act together and work towards those wise words.

Thank you ☓