Old card

Just found this…

Spring cleaning and I found this card. It’s off a relative and it must be twenty or thirty years old. I was moving a bookcase amd found it down the back together with an A to Z of Stoke-on-Trent. Its so cute with the fire extinguisher and the startled bat!

It would be good to find more interesting things. Maybe a gold ring, or an earring that matches one I’ve lost. But no doubt I’ve already vacuumed them up!

Anyway I like this dragon, I will take him as a good omen for my college course project. Its about the mythology and history of dragons, and a children’s book based on a dragon story. So fingers crossed that I can get it done. X

When you can’t get a birthday card or a cake for a friend…

I wanted to send a friend a card… sketch-1588070609298

I found a tin with a slight dent in the rim so I could push a candle holder into it. Then I added a tiny birthday cake candle and lit it and took the photo.

Added the text later in a sketch app.

I sent this to my friend with her name edited onto it. What is it they say ‘necessity is the mother of invention ‘?