Ginger beer

Digital sketch I drew in my old version of photoshop. I really ought to get the new version. The one I use was published in 2002 but I’m very nervous of changing because of the cost and whether I would still understand it. Maybe I should look into it instead of umming and ahhing. I need to find out what advantages it would give me. My old photoshop is glitchy, when I get near the edges of a drawing it suddenly will only draw straight lines at 90° to the sides. It never used to bother me, but as I use it more it bothers me…. Anyway enough moaning….


Take a photo of a crinkly motorbike cover, shade areas to make a face appear. Use the spray brush tool and a colour picker tool in a drawing app to match in shapes and colours. Add shapes using various pens like chalk or wax crayon options if you have them in your app. Then change the filter to a more black and white/ sepia effect. Finally use a filter to make some areas more fuzzy than others.

Voila you have a spooky, ghostly figure.

Nail varnish cat

Late last night I decided to colour in a drawing with nail varnish. I did a picture of ‘the cat sat on the mat’, then I coloured in the background with marker pens.

I had difficulty taking a photo I wanted to include the sheen of the varnish but could only get it with the page tipped up. When you look at it straight on the image is a lot flatter. It’s just a design based on the old cat sat on the mat idea. I can imagine it being used as a children’s book illustration.

Basis for a drawing

This was the view I was looking at when I did my Sketch earlier on. As you can see things were a lot darker in reality. I looked more at the shapes, concentrating on drawing them in first, then adding trees and branches afterwards. The silver grey seems to sit back in the background, the tones do not match this photo but does that matter? I keep drawing and hope I’m progressing. X

Band of sketchers prompt. Industrial

View out of my front door of Portmeirion pottery. Tried to emphasise the trees. Actually sat in the car as I was letting all the warm air out of the house. I used a gold and a silver pen and a slightly metallic blue and green to make it more interesting. If you’ve got to live opposite a factory I prefer something like this with some trees rather than completely blank walls and nasty smells!

Hubby’s drawings

It’s great to see his drawings, he doesn’t draw very often and definitely has his own style. He bought himself a drawing kit with a drawing board, (a piece of card) some different harnesses of pencils, an eraser and a pencil sharpener. The pictures were his own ideas, the mountainous one is from the cover of a book about the lake district, and the train drawing is taken from a picture on the cover of a leaflet from the Apedale railway. I hope he does more. I’m going to buy him a sketch pad.

If anyone wants to watch some drawing techniques go over to my friend Martha Kennedy’s WordPress pages. Sorry I don’t have a link, I will try and find one. She has done some drawing tutorials over on YouTube.


cat and dragon doodle

A cat I drew for one of my projects last semester, I seriously need to tidy up my style a bit. Then I have been doodling again ….

Now I’m working on a cheeky dragon for a possible pin badge.

Question? Do you think people would be interested in buying a well drawn and crafted pin badge of a dragon? This is just a sketch…

What colours should dragons be?

My idea is for a spotty dragon, do you think that would work?

what should it be made in, metal or plastic?

Any ideas/ suggestions?