Life drawing filtered…

Filtered from an original black and white drawing.

You can use digital filters to play with original drawings. It’s something I do occasionally to see how the image will look if it’s altered. There are so many different styles that you can use. So many apps out there that offer different filters.

I did this drawing a couple of months ago, I want to get out and do more, but the cost of living means things are getting a bit to expensive. I paint and draw because that’s what I have to do. I don’t necessarily think about selling things and making money. If and when anything happens to me there will be a house full of art that needs sorting out! ❤️


When you use filters it can create some quirky effects. It’s hard to tell which shape is a chair back or my coat (it was my coat on the back of a chair). Also it’s difficult to know how much shading to use. Will the result be delineated so you can tell where the models arm is? Should I have done less hatching? I think I used the negative space quite well. It’s always worth exploring ideas.