old lifedrawing/painting

a few years ago at lifedrawing at Burslem Schoolo of Art, just found this photo- watercolour painting.

most of my art is stored on my phone, so I rarely look at my old PC. Sometimkes though I find things I havent seen for years, its like they are from another life. I’m only using my PC because I had problems with my passwords so came on here to change things. Its hard to follow computer instructions, too many variations, possibilities. Makes me wish for the old days when things were simple. Watercolours and cartridge paper, Analogue life.

Quick sketches (life drawings)

Warning contains nudity.

A ten minute and fifteen minute sketch I recently completed at a life drawing group a few weeks ago. Looking at them now I can see that the details are not correct, but not too bad. The leg lengths on the second sketch are definitely too short. You can see how I tried to extend them a bit. When you draw a figure it’s a good idea to work out where to place the head. If you are too low on the page you run the risk of losing the lower half of the figure as in the first, ten minute sketch. But these were swift sketches, drawn on pale brown Ingres paper which is suitable for the mid tones then drawn in black ink fine line pen and shaded with pencil crayons.

One thing I hate with life studies is when artists leave the head off. Especially when it’s a female study. To me, they may not be able to draw facial features, but by leaving the head off it makes the figure look more like a slab of meat, disturbing and disrespectful of the female model.

Something different

After drawing several studies of our model I decided to do a more abstract image. I split the paper into squares and tried to do different colours and felt pens and pencil crayons to make an interesting image. We were running out of time and I realise now I have left out the legs and chair legs of the artist in the background behind the model! I will have to add them!

My friends drawing of me

This is by my friend Ruth (@rumfluffart on Instagram.) it was based on her drawing of me that she did during one of our portrait drawing sessions. I like the way she has altered it in a programme called Procreate I think. Is something I would like to use but I don’t have the right type of phone or tablet to run it.

She has a good sense of colour and her artworks are accessable and fun.


Today’s portrait session.

Today’s sketches…

Today’s sketch portraits, I used cut up mono prints that I had made for the print workshop earlier in the week. I glued bits down then added black calligraphy pen and fine liner, then graphite from a graphite stick. I had to unstick one bit of paper and redo it because it was wrong and overlapped bits of the drawing. …