My friends drawing of me

This is by my friend Ruth (@rumfluffart on Instagram.) it was based on her drawing of me that she did during one of our portrait drawing sessions. I like the way she has altered it in a programme called Procreate I think. Is something I would like to use but I don’t have the right type of phone or tablet to run it.

She has a good sense of colour and her artworks are accessable and fun.


Today’s portrait session.

Today’s sketches…

Today’s sketch portraits, I used cut up mono prints that I had made for the print workshop earlier in the week. I glued bits down then added black calligraphy pen and fine liner, then graphite from a graphite stick. I had to unstick one bit of paper and redo it because it was wrong and overlapped bits of the drawing. …

Single line drawing

One of our exercises this week. Drawing with one continuous line without looking at the page, just the computer screen! A slim model changes shape! How is it possible to get a likeness? But it’s not about that, it’s trying to get your hand and eye to coordinate without your brain getting involved. Weird, but I like it!

Quick sketch

Fifteen minute sketch, #skyportraitartistoftheyear. I just tried drawing Carlos Acosta in mid air. Bit scrappy, charcoal pencil…

The winner of the competition, Curtis Holder is doing a ten thousand pounds commission portrait of Acosta for display in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

I wish the sitters were set up so you could watch TV and paint or draw them, it’s an enjoyable programme.

Digital life drawing

I took my tablet to a life drawing class a couple of years ago. I wanted to see what a digital drawing would look like. I chose to use a program called sketcher free that gives you different texture tools, like fur long fur, ribbon, chrome, and other pens. You can chose the background colour. You can also use a colour slider and picker and a change in pen sizes. It’s a bit complicated to choose a pen shape that translates to the drawing well. There are other programs that are simpler to use but I liked (as usual) the patterned effect I created.

Three years ago

Three years ago I was going to life drawing classes every week. The place was a bit far out in the countryside down quite narrow winding roads but I enjoyed going. The worst night was when it snowed while we were in the class. It was a very slippery and skiddy drive home. I remember there were two ways of getting there, through the town roads and then country lanes, or along a very fast dual carriageway then along equally twisty lanes. I preferred the slower town route, I might have got there later but there were not insane idiots speeding in huge trucks driving to close to my rear bumper.

The class was fun, always an interesting challenge to draw. A variety of models and sometimes a clothed pose from various guest models, like Lux whe was modeling for us on this occasion. She played the guitar if I remember….. Probably a 6b pencil sketch, that’s my favourite pencil to draw with, allows you to get all sorts of shades and textures. I really miss going to the class.

Life drawing practice

I was looking for a spare sketchbook today and these drawings fell out of one of my old ones from about 3 years ago? They were quick sketches in a life drawing exercise. We were all given pages ripped from an old paperback and some pastels. Then we drew the model quickly when he arrived. One was just using shadows, another was trying to draw a mirror image, and left handed, plus different poses. I’ve edited the pictures to prevent embarrassment.

We have been including text in my illustration course. I’m glad I found these. Given me new ideas!


Life drawing live

Just been drawing at the BBC life drawing live TV programme. A series of short poses of models, all done under social distancing rules. 15893172736382071260241553628239

It was quite stressful. Trying to see the model on the TV when you only have a small screen. I needed a closer view. But overall I enjoyed it.

Various things used to draw, ink pen, charcoal pencil, a metallic pencil and 5b pencil.


Life drawing


One thing I’ve missed this year is life drawing, but I’ve been too busy to go to my usual group and things were just happening at the same time. So I’m looking to go to another group perhaps.

This painting was done in watercolour  several years ago. I’d been doing life classes and decided to exhibit some of them at Burslem School of Art before it was taken over.

I felt really please with the interest in the show and was amazed when one person wanted to buy 10 of them. Other people also wanted the same pictures but we decided the person wanting so many of them could have them. But at the end of the exhibition it turned out he didn’t have the money to pay. I was so disappointed and felt very let down.

Life has a tendency to do things like that. You just have to roll with it.


Old life drawing


Last year I used to go to to life drawing class on Wednesday evenings. But the winter weather put me off and now I’ve lost the habit because I have been so busy lately. I would love to go back, but it depends on the rest of my life. I enjoy drawing and was going out with urban sketchers too. I need a big wall planner I think!

Anyway I hope you like this drawing of a musician playing his guitar.