Hubby drawing

We went out last weekend and I suggested that my hubby did a drawing while we were out. This was me looking back at him as he sat and drew. I think drawing helps calm you down. Takes your mind off things, helps you concentrate. I think people should take a pen or pencil and some paper out with them. Just look at something to draw, it could be a tree, a statue, a building, a flower. Look at what you are drawing and try and understand it. Try not to make it up but really look. I think everyone should learn art. The world needs Art and artists. Sculptors, photographers, printers. Those skills help coordination. That’s what I feel…..

At Lulworth Cove

Seven years ago, the sun was shining, we were on holiday near Weymouth and visited Lulworth Cove on the Dorset coast. We met a brilliant artist called Chris. He was painting shells and stones. We bought a stone with an octopus painted on it. The cove itself is circular with a gap in it that allows the sea in. If you catch a boat ride along the coast to the west you can see Durdle door, an archway of rocky cliff extending out into the sea. We had a lovely day.

Quentin Blake

I just watched a lovely programme about the artist and illustrator Quentin Blake. He’s famous for having illustrated Roald Dahl’s books like ‘the BFG’. Also Michael Rosen’s ‘Sad Book’. His style is so free and impressionistic, his drawing lines are full of energy and expressiveness. If you haven’t seen his work Google him. My sketch was a quick portrait which tried to get an idea of not only him but one of his characters too. Ten minute sketch. X

Losing friends

When you open up Facebook you don’t expect to hear that a friend has passed away. Someone who I admired. A good artist and a compassionate and sensitive man.

I guess I would rather find out than not know at all. Waiting to see if he would post new art, or a post about how he was feeling. He went missing for a couple of months about two years ago. He eventually turned up and everything turned out OK.

Now, I don’t know. I guess I’m glad I met him on a website and saw his art, he lived in a different country so we were never going to meet up. But that doesn’t matter, he was a very good artist and was a thoughtful person.

I lost another friend in a similar way last year. This was a woman from overseas. Another artist.

The internet allows people who would never normally meet to find each other. At least I’ve found out what has happened. Feeling very sad.

Hubby drawing

He’s still colouring in the book although it’s 2.30am. So I did a very quick sketch of him drawing (five minutes). He’s got his own style. But that doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that he’s doing it which is good. It gives him focus and flow. It’s great to see him doing it.

I just watched a programme about the life of the artist Bob Ross and how he taught art in America in the 1980’s & 1990’s. He sadly died at a young age.

Art is sometimes therapy. It is a good thing. I would encourage people to take it up.

9 for 2019


9 of my favourite images from 2019.

From top left to bottom right…

Dramatic mirrored image of a North Wales beach.

Lion I painted for the local lions charity.

Mural in a downstairs cloakroom. I can still climb!

Easter Island clay head I made at Etruria Artists.

My art stall at a craft fair.

The stray cat that we are looking after who needs rehoming.

Falcon works, two images of the pottery I painted last autumn.

Holding my green man painting and with my vase painting during my exhibition at Spode.

Finally, painting of a window with peeling paint, taken from a photo I took at Spode.

First drawing of 2020

_20200102_111654My first drawing of 2020 on 2.1.2020. It’s red because we were at Etruria Artists in the warehouse by the canal. It was so cold we had the electric heaters on in the roof that glow cherry red. For those who know the person, I’ve got his nose too long. This is because he was moving.

The Etruria Artists are now meeting on a Thursday morning from 10am to 12noon unless we change it. Hopefully this will encourage more people to come along.

B(u)y me for Christmas! Exhibition.

I’m really pleased to have some of my paintings up at the Brampton museum and art gallery from 16.11.19 to early January 2020. This is an opportunity for local artists to sell their work in the weeks coming up to Christmas. If you feel like having a look I’d recommend it, there’s lots to see and to buy.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks. Not helped by my having a fall at the weekend. I haven’t painted as much as I wanted and I’ve hardly been out of the house. But I mustn’t let it stop me trying to get things done over the next week or so.

I’m going to do some more green, or snowy men, try and get some cards printed and get some glass jewellery finished off..

Watch this space x