Memory 2012


2012….Another Sunday morning, husband went off about 15 minutes ago, and me and the cat are here waiting for the sun to rise. The sky had gone from coal black to a dark shade of Paynes Grey, in fact in the few minutes since I sat down it has lightened considerably….. The cat is happily lying on the desk next to the computer, turning over to have her tummy tickled, she doesnt like being ignored and keeps trying to sit on my drawing tablet that also acts as my mouse! that knocks the text off so I have to reposition the cursor every couple of minutes…The blackbirds were singing in the garden at 6.30, husband went out to listen and one carried on while the other Pink, pinked its alarm call… the song continues high and beautiful, shapley whistles that vary over different combinations of notes…. I am staying up in case his bus does not arrive. One last look at the sky, only slightly lighter, blue grey, no glimmer of sun yet and overcast with lowish cirrus? clouds…thank goodness for the prospect of a warm bed and a book if he does not come back. (It has happened in the past when the bus driver forgot to get up!)

Is it 2020 yet?


Time, memories, fears, wonders? The year has passed, slowly and quickly. I can’t believe it’s almost over. Things have happened that I couldn’t forsee. People I loved have gone, friends I have lost. But also, friends I have made, on line and in real life.

Can you tell by this reflective mood that I haven’t had a drink yet for New years eve? I migh treat myself to an Irish coffee. But I don’t feel like drinking a lot.

Things to avoid in 2020…


Hot sun,

Getting too tired.

Going to bed to late.

What about you?


Looking forward, looking back.


Illustration by me. I keep forgetting to say that the illustrations in this blog are generally mine. If I use anything else it is free webart, but that doesn’t happen very often.

This drawing looks back at the old year and forward to the future. It’s done in a sketcher app I downloaded off the Internet. One face is lined. Cracks are appearing in her face. Full of colour and interest. Of memories and thoughts. Of worry and relief. The other is young and pale. The flowers of spring surround her. She is looking out to the future but without expression. The old face knows what has happened, the new does not know what to expect yet.

The world turns….


IMG_20130101_000120when I was a child

I watched Dr Who

I hid behind the settee,

I was scared of Daleks

Monsters scared me

The Icemen

The cybermen

Fighting in space

And on Earth..

Dr Who

Sci fi hero…!

This model Dalek was at Froghall Station a couple of years ago, if not more. It was wonderful to see. It was radio controlled. In the original series they were operated by men pedalling inside them and moving the weapons by hand. Nowadays they can climb steps in the modern series by hovering above them. But not in the 1960’s. I watched this classic TV series from the start. I wish I could time travel back then.



Pity the nation.


I recently came across this on Facebook and I have copied it to post here. It expresses a lot of concerns I have, not only about my land, but other places around the world. I don’t know if people are more threatened and bullied than in the past, or whether things are reported more. Certainly I do not have experience in my own life of wars, although I lived through times of conflict. Nowadays the ” media” seems to control life more than in the past. I’m thinking of George Orwell and his book 1984. I think we need to question what happens. Think about what democracy means to people, ask if some Men (and I mean Men) have more power than they should. So much to think about, but unsure how to make things better for people.

Stop the world, I want to get off?


Memories play tricks, but I’m sure there were moments in my life when I was happier, or fitter, or could remember more facts. Or even remember the name of the hole in the top of a car that let’s sunlight in…. Roof window? Sky light? OK I know, it’s sun roof….

Some years ago I think I was content. Can’t remember the exact date, but we went on holiday a couple of times and I was fit enough to go cycling…. But the world turns, and I keep getting older. The things you get used to change, not necessarily in the way you want.

I don’t suppose anything can stay perfect, or you can stay content forever, it would just be nice for it to stay that way for a bit longer.



Snow, I’m sitting here wondering if it will or won’t. It tried to earlier on, little ice crystal shaped flecks melting on my windscreen.

So cold and chilly, even with the heating on. We don’t use our gas fire any more because it’s too old. The gas central heating boiler is due to be serviced in the morning.

Snow doesn’t happen much these days. If it does its usually in the new year for a few days. Not months like in the early 1960’s when there was snow on the ground in Britain for more than three months. When the drifts in country lanes were so deep children had to walk across fields to get to school.┬áMy hubby remembers that. When milk froze in milk bottles at school and pushed the silver lids up and off.

I remember walking to school and the snow over topped my wellies and soaked my stockinged feet. In fact I haven’t had to wear wellies (Wellington boots) for years. I miss my old blue wellies in the snow. I miss pretending to track people by looking at the tracks their shoes made….