my phone is dying!

My phone got very hot tonight and the USB lead almost burnt my hand when I disconnected it from the phone. I tried another lead and the same thing happened. The charge actually went down on the screen by ten percent when I put it on another charger. My guess is that the battery is playing up and instead of charging it has lost the ability to charge. I’m hoping I can get a replacement tomorrow,

The problem is I do everything on it, and having golfers elbow makes it hard to type on a normal keyboard. Plus no one can email me or phone me…..I hope i dont have to buy a new phone, I can’t afford it! Wish me luck!  

Old Nokia

I just found this under a cupboard! It’s my old phone. Goodness knows how old it is, I don’t know if the battery will have corroded it inside. I’m thinking of finding out if it can be refurbished as my hubby doesn’t like smart phones and just wants something basic to ring home if he needs to. I will try and find out if it can somehow be upgraded to work on the right sort of signal. It must be several years old? Are they worth anything? So it’s not smart, but is it fixable?

Phone call… Grrrr

I was upstairs in bed after a totally sleepless night when my mobile rang. I couldn’t get downstairs in time to answer it, so I checked the number, which was local, so I rang it, but there was an automated answer saying the phone line didn’t take incoming calls. It was from a firm I know, but didn’t say anything except I should contact them (no phone number to ring back on, no message left) annoying but these things happen. But as I went back upstairs the land-line rang. I couldn’t get back down in time. It was the same number. Missed it again. So I’ve stayed up for two hours incase they ring back, but I have no idea who to contact (it’s a very big firm), no information because they didn’t have the courtesy to leave a message and if they have my numbers then they must have my email address too, but no one has tried to contact me on that. I could literally swear! This is not good customer service.

Tidied cupboard

About twelve inches of paperwork removed from this cupboard, my paintbrushes stored in vases, a star mobile lit at the back of the cupboard (it’s on a cable and won’t work anymore when it’s hanging up). Two glasses of coffee liquor over ice. It actually feels quite grown up. I can also get at my orchid plants in the window, one of which I seem to have killed. I have got to finish off by tidying the cupboard next to this. I’d like to have it done by Christmas if I feel OK. Housework? I hate it. But sometimes you have to do it….

63 numbers…

Our new phone turned up, not as good as the original one, its lighter and looks “generic”, the screen isn’t coloured and has no logo. Clearly a cheaper value, but it works. We had to move a cupboard to get at the electric socket to plug it in. That meant moving several years worth of books, old letters, ornaments, trinkets and tranklements. I found a few things I thought I had lost….. I also unearthed the paper shredder… Might be useful!

Then… Deep breath, inputting numbers. Each one by hand. The old phone would not release the numbers I had on it. So I had to look them up on my mobile and transpose them onto the land-line. The trouble was that I wasn’t sure what had been on the land-line so I may have added a few more from my mobile than I needed to. But the problem is the new phone has automatic call barring, so I might have blocked some friends if I hadn’t copied them. First World problem? Yes. But hubby ended up like a caver underneath the cupboard trying to work out where the plug socket was. The cats enjoyed exploring the space too…

Wrapped up

Wrapped up in my magic phone I can ignore the world. The problems I have, the worries my friends have.

Wrapped up in my magic phone I can focus on the trivial things, the bits that make me smile.

Wrapped up in my magic phone I can watch daft dogs, silly things. Lost kittens in mittens.

Wrapped up in my magic phone I can forget people. Lose the worries, the wars, the poverty.

Wrapped up in my magic phone I am in cotton wool. Insulated nicely against the world.

I must turn it off and put it down. Lose it or let the battery go flat to be free. Maybe? But just another glance can’t hurt…..

A mobile…

How our vision changes. This was a mobile of the solar system I bought several years ago. Before the further exploration of the planets and based on images from the Voyager probes that happened in the 70’s and 80’s. I added the Space Shuttle model later. Now the James Webb telescope has been launched to take photos in the infra-red of the earliest ages of the universe. It will replace the Hubble Space telescope which took amazing photos of our solar system as well as galaxies and nebulae. It’s greatest image was the hubble deep feild that was a photo of a small, empty looking piece of sky, which turned out to be full of images of some of the earliest ever galaxies. I love astronomy. I might not know facts and figures, but I love space.


A mobile my friend did for my hubby for his 65th birthday. It hangs in the bedroom window and I just happened to notice it as I took a photo of today’s sunset. I think she did a splendid job. The mobile above it was another one she did of ygdrasil, the world tree. She’s the person who has done wire weaving for some of the glass jewellery I made. I might do more in the new year.


I’m going to shrink a lot of my images to thumbnail size and derlete the old photos. It’s going to take some time, but my phone memory and WordPress memories keep getting fuller. I don’t like doing it because I want people to see my art, but I’m hoping if you look on the images on a tablet and a computer you will be able to see them OK?

I hope the blogs will still be acceptable. I am also deleting a few older images. I’m on 97.7% full media at the moment. It’s going to take ages to try and reduce my file sizes, hopefully the words don’t take up too much space.

My leg

How long will my leg hurt for? Trying to get around with a pulled calf muscle is incredibly annoying. If I put my phone on charge at night I can’t get to it in time in the morning. Trying to rush to it hurts, and usually it rings off before I can get there. Last night I slept on the settee again. I had to get up in the middle of the night and as I tried to get up from the low position I was in I felt a slight tearing sensation again. I had a sudden fear that this might be a permanent situation, that it will keep hurting. I want to go upstairs. I just want to get to bed. I want to know I will be able to get back downstairs if I have to in the night. And I have so much to do. Too much. I’m so fed up. And what is this to do with an arts blog? I don’t know, it’s life.