2000 emails

I finally got my email to work, not on my phone, but on my PC. Help! I found around 3800 emails..

I have deleted about 2000 of them. Mainly notifications from WordPress about all the wonderful blogs here! I think there are about 30 to 40 emails I need to action. Mainly to apologise for not getting back in touch.

A few times I caught the wrong bit of the line of the email (missing the delete box) that clears the ones due to be deleted. At one stage I’d got up to 200 pending deletions! I gave up then, my arm was too painful and shaking to be able to concentrate. Will do more tomorrow… First world problems… I will try and continue to be tenacious.


You get an email. We need this information, we must have this document. Please send a PDF of your certificate. Please fill in the form marked exhibit B!

Well it feels like that. I’m trying to find bits of information that I haven’t seen for thirty years! It’s just part of our modern life. Everything is online. But what happens if you don’t have it or are not totally expert in it. I’ve transferred PDFs but can’t find them now….

I rang up. Yes of course you can post the information in to us! Phew. My hubby never uses our computer. So I’m his secretary. Better than having it thrown out of the window!

Keeping track


I can’t keep track of things… I want to but social media can be overwhelming. If its panto rehearsals, craft fairs ,art exhibitions. .. A lot of the time I just have to delete things. It’s not that I don’t want to do stuff, just my head is full of things I need to do and I end up stationary instead of getting things done. I’m hoping this will change soon, maybe for the better.

Then there are emails, I don’t know how people manage their accounts with WordPress. I think I’ve said before that it’s hard to keep up with them all. I want to, but then two hours have passed and I’m still sitting in the same place!

Apologies if I don’t always respond to your posts.