What gives you direction in life?

Imagining a direction to take

Decisions made when I wake,

Thoughts my mind makes….

It’s a hard question when you get older and most of your life is behind you. I’m not very religious, so mainly I want to stay safe and keep going. No one wants bad things to happen.

I guess what direction I take could include going round in circles, always turning right, heading north. But mainly it’s just survival. Not in a preppy, survivalist sort of way, but just managing with what we’ve got, helping others when we can. Not expecting too much. Just trying to support each other. It’s not always easy, and questions have to be asked about whether the direction we are heading in now is still the right one.

The world should be fair for everyone. I know that’s a hard thing to expect, and people can be selfish and jealous of what they have. But I hope people will consider others as well as themselves. I think John Lennons song ‘Imagine’ is a good thing to follow…..

Not really

Are you superstitious?

I have to say I usually walk under ladders, but I always say ‘hello Mr magpie how’s your wife’ if I see a lone magpie. I wonder why black cats are lucky in the UK and unlucky in the USA? I used to avoid cracks in pavements but not any more.

So no, I’m not superstitious. Thirteen is an interesting prime number to me, a bakers dozen, not something to fear. I’m not interested in Halloween really. I don’t bother with trick or treaters and sometimes even shout ‘boo!’ at them and say ‘here’s your trick!’ Does it matter?it depends on the person. I can’t disabuse you of your own beliefs so let’s agree to disagree if you are superstitious.

My autobiography?

You’re writing your autobiography. What’s your opening sentence?

“Life had been simple and uncomplicated until my blog page changed overnight.”

Yes, it had been OK, I could talk about my early years, and which schools I went to, but these days data can be mined. So if I do write my autobiography it will be in a book. At least then if you want my information you might have to pay for it!

Then there is the question of whether it’s an autobiography or biography? Would anyone care enough to want to write about me, or would I get someone to ghost write it for me?

Seeing the outrage and amazement caused by the recent release of information from the writer of Matt Hancock’s biography, thousands of pages from WhatsApp, I’m not sure I’d want to do it (although mine might be boring and not salacious).


I’m still trying to keep my gratitudes diary going. I’m on day 205. The idea is you look for three small things to be grateful for. Then you write them down and it turns your thoughts to a more positive way of thinking. I’ve found it hasn’t solved my anxiety or feeling down, but I definitely think it’s helped my mood. I might be in pain, but it helps me take my mind off it.

Today’s three gratitudes? Going out for a little walk in open sandals for the first time since splitting my toenail. I went with my hubby so I felt safe. Secondly, listening to ‘the infinite monkey cage’ on BBC radio 4, thirdly having a pan au raisin and a cup of tea after shopping….

Boarded up

An old ruin made of pinkish grey stone. The window has a white windowledge stained with green algae caused by the wet atmosphere in the area. The window is boarded with some sort of chipboard. The lower section is sodden with damp from successive rainstorms. It must be screwed into the window frame because it is sunken into the window surround, not flush with it. A bracket of metal, almost the shape of the number ‘2’ is on one side of the window, and a thin line of stonework shaped almost like an eyebrow sits in the stone course above the boarded window. This is on the first floor of the building so it would not be easily accessible from the ground. The light on the building is grey, reflecting what the sky would look like if it was visible in the photo.

I was trying to write this in a simple descriptive way. It’s harder than I thought to be accurate!


Seen at Spode in a new friends studio. I love it, I used to have an old one which was from an office and was coloured grey. This looks antique. When keyboards and computers came out typewriters became defunct, but there is something charming and evocative about this. A bygone day. Even seeing it makes me think of flowery language. Spindley letters. Gothic script. I’m going over the top now. A great tranklement! ❤️


This is a photo I digitally played with a few months ago. It sums up how I feel at the moment. I do not want to feel like this, honestly.

It’s hard to be positive at the moment, but I am trying. I am still writing three gratitudes a day and they are helping. If you try and think of three small things that give you a little boost each day it seems to lift your spirits slightly. So I’m on day fifty of them. It’s not a solution to the blues, but it does seem to help me.


The only bit of text on my phone

Texting, I hate it, trying to think of the right words, how to put feelings into what you say, without appearing abrupt or rude. Today I had a text and each answering phrase I wrote was edited four or five times. You can’t put nuance into texts. If I were a poet I could add different ideas and concepts to help make things more clear. But texting is generally short and simple. But also not always considered. At one stage I hit the thumbs up symbol accidentally that was not appropriate. I wish I could have deleted it. All I could say was sorry.


Something to do while I try and get over a sore throat. I haven’t done much today. I walked upstairs once, felt dizzy and came back down again. I think the bug I have has got into my inner ears. I’ve had plenty to drink and I’m taking paracetamol.

Have you ever tried spraying biro with hairspray? Sometimes it makes the ink run I used to use the technique many years ago, it might not work these days if the ingredients in the biro ink have changed. I will experiment.

A jumped up limerick!

Esther (I’ve forgotten her surname!?) sorry. Challenges each week to take a word and use it in a limerick. This was my effort today. Its something to work at, getting the line lengths right and the rhymes right. The first second and fifth lines are of similar length and should rhyme and the third and fourth lines should be shorter and also rhyme. X