Boris the 🕸 Spider


For as long as I can remember, if we see a big, hairy, spider in the house, we call it Boris. Nothing to do with politics, its kind of a tradition. I don’t see him very often, but as the nights cool down he tends to scurry across the floor (might be a she?). I think there is a mating season for spiders. The only problem is the cats, they are quite expert at catching spiders (mainly in the bathroom) if Boris was to be spied by one of the cats, we’ll I wouldn’t give him much of a chance of escape. There is something about the look on the cats face, concentration, anticipation, that does not bode well for any spiders in the vicinity.


Garden today

It’s all berries, flowers, and spider webs.

The temperature is rising again and the fruit is ripening. The spiders in the garden are busy catching pests, and flowers continue to emerge.

Watering plants is important, especially in hanging baskets, I’m afraid mine have started to wilt.

My hubby has counted about fifty small pears on the pear tree, which is growing at an angle because it’s top heavy. We have used a piece of timber to prop it up. We also have quite a few green tomatoes, basically because they are in too much shade so are not ripening quickly.

Life continues, cats mooch round the garden trying to pounce on the odd wood pigeon. I keep our cats in but can’t shoo the neighbouring ones away easily.


You’ve got a spider in your ear….

_20190421_190008you’ve got a spider in your ear,

with a heart on its back.

It’s smiling gently

As it builds its web.

It stops thoughts leaking out

when you lie on your side.

Stops ear wax escaping

And keeps bed bugs out.

It plays on your eardrum

Tapping timpani

When you are asleep!

So don’t be afraid if you see a spider in my ear.

It’s just looking after it

and keeping it clean.