My smoke alarm went off

A loud beeping then ‘attention fire’ ‘attention fire’!

First I thought the fridge alarm was going off until the voice started. Then I remembered we had replaced our old smoke alarm because it had started to beep every five minutes even when we changed the battery.

So where was the fire? No sign, not a sniff or sight of smoke. No hot spots, I’d turned off the heater, the lights were mostly out. The kitchen door was shut and I’d only had the kettle on for a cup of decaff coffee.

What could have set it off? I wonder if a spider has moved in? I stayed awake till 7am waiting for it to go off again. No smoke without fire? So tired! Be alarmed, be very alarmed!


Why did my smoke alarm just go off? No smoke, no pans left on, no flames rising from the computer. No fire outside in the garden. There must be a reason. I randomly asked Google the question ‘can spiders set smoke alarms off?’, I got the answer above. We tried blowing and detritus out of it, but when hubby put it back together it did it again. Why? I don’t know, but we will be buying a new smoke alarm tomorrow.

Wet web

Water spray on a garden spider web caught in the sunlight.

I’m happy I got a reasonable photo as I had to use my zoom on the phone because I couldn’t get close enough. The spider was absent, probably taking shelter from a splash of water.

My phone memory is full so might not be posting much for the next few days.. I will try and post when I can.

Sculpture /planter

A metal squirrel climbs up and birds perch on this sculpture at Trentham whilst plants including tulips grow in the planter. 15 minute sketch while we were at Pieminister at the retail Village. I could also see butterflies and a spider. I decided this is an example of art nouveau or that sort of style. It’s made up of four sections bolted together.

Huge spider

I just looked down because I saw something from the corner of my eye… A huge house spider was boldly walking out from under my armchair! I don’t mind spiders normally, but I jumped! My hubby gently picked up the spider… And put it on the other side of the room! They are good for catching insects. I think it had come out to look for food. It had better watch out though. I’m afraid out cats patrol for them and sometimes catch them.


I was just watching a film when something (I think it was a spider) walked across the neck of my jumper right under my chin. Eek. I jumped up from my chair! I usually like spiders, but not ones that are only an inch from my mouth! I pulled my jumper off and threw it across the room….. I couldn’t see the spider and I hope it didn’t get squashed! You can tell how jumpy its made me because of all the exclamation marks I’ve used. Eek!

It might have been a ladybird, trying to remember it’s shape and calming down now…. The cat had been sitting on my lap and he got dumped on the floor because of me jumping….


Borrowed this image

Spiders, you love them or hate them… Or like me you accept them but don’t like them scuttling across the floor!

Our spiders have disappeared to be replaced by long legged ones that seem to make cobwebs not proper webs. I should not be arachnophobic but I don’t like these new ones…. However one of my cats loves them, chases them, and eats them. Yuk!

So keep yourself safe. Give spiders room, try and find a balance with nature x

Boris the 🕸 Spider


For as long as I can remember, if we see a big, hairy, spider in the house, we call it Boris. Nothing to do with politics, its kind of a tradition. I don’t see him very often, but as the nights cool down he tends to scurry across the floor (might be a she?). I think there is a mating season for spiders. The only problem is the cats, they are quite expert at catching spiders (mainly in the bathroom) if Boris was to be spied by one of the cats, we’ll I wouldn’t give him much of a chance of escape. There is something about the look on the cats face, concentration, anticipation, that does not bode well for any spiders in the vicinity.


Garden today

It’s all berries, flowers, and spider webs.

The temperature is rising again and the fruit is ripening. The spiders in the garden are busy catching pests, and flowers continue to emerge.

Watering plants is important, especially in hanging baskets, I’m afraid mine have started to wilt.

My hubby has counted about fifty small pears on the pear tree, which is growing at an angle because it’s top heavy. We have used a piece of timber to prop it up. We also have quite a few green tomatoes, basically because they are in too much shade so are not ripening quickly.

Life continues, cats mooch round the garden trying to pounce on the odd wood pigeon. I keep our cats in but can’t shoo the neighbouring ones away easily.