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Spiders, you love them or hate them… Or like me you accept them but don’t like them scuttling across the floor!

Our spiders have disappeared to be replaced by long legged ones that seem to make cobwebs not proper webs. I should not be arachnophobic but I don’t like these new ones…. However one of my cats loves them, chases them, and eats them. Yuk!

So keep yourself safe. Give spiders room, try and find a balance with nature x

10 thoughts on “Spiders

  1. Spiders in my home have had to contend with a completely new balance of nature, in that my kitty cat hunts and eats them. I’ve only seen one live spider since I got her and that one was short of several legs and trying in vain to hide from my furry little predator. The rest of the time I just find the odd leg when I’m hoovering.


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