Hanging baskets have arrived

Joyous day, we get a few hanging baskets every year, we had a call from the farm today. They were ready! Even though we were expecting them I was overwhelmed at how big and beautiful they are. If yo buy a hanging basket from a shop they often only have one species of flowers in them. But these are packed with petunias, fushias, begonias, lobelia, and other plants I can’t name. It’s not all their work, the rest is our handiwork. X


Too-wit too-woo…

Never hear Tawny owls anymore. We used to have a couple of them up the hill. The males make one sound, Too-wit, then the female answers Too-woo! It’s so evocative of spring, but it doesn’t happen anymore. So many birds are dissappearing, but men don’t seem bothered, they’d rather fight wars. As someone recently said instead of spending money to go to Mars maybe they should spend it on planting forests, or supporting the environment. Endangered means possible extinction. Let’s do something about it.

Green world

Imagine a green world, floating through space. Surrounded by a spherical forcefield that holds air and water in and keeps damaging radiation out. It can only survive where there is bright enough sunlight to allow the vegetation to survive unless it is equipped with power to keep it warm enough and keep artificial lights working for photosynthesis to happen. But plants have a limited lifespan, then they die and with the right biology break down and turn into compost. So the sphere needs to have enough space to keep growing, and enough resources to maintain a steady environment. Maybe there are large bodies of water to supply the plants.

I could be describing little spacecraft that could travel across space and seed new worlds? Or maybe it’s our planet. In either case, the environment needs protecting so that it can survive and thrive. If we imagine earth to be just a small spacecraft, where an imbalance could end its life, then perhaps we might take more care of it. X

Feeling owlish

An Owl painting I did a couple of years ago. They are intriguing birds. Their ears are set at different heights underneath all their feathers so that they can differentiate which side their prey is on. Their wings are silent as they fight through the air, making it hard for animals to know they are being hunted. Sharp talons for gripping and hooked beaks for tearing into their prey make them a top predator. Beautiful but deadly.

Art for sale

A few paintings and some cards for sale at the cafe at Etruria Industrial Museum today. Its great to have another venue to show my work and as its open to people travelling along the canal I hope they will be seen more. I put in images based on nature but I may have the opportunity to place other works there soon. I’m obliged to my friend who is volunteering at the museum who invited me to take my work there.

A new chance to show my art

They say when one door closes another one opens. I’ve now got some of my work at Etruria Industrial Museum. I’m so pleased. It’s for three months and then it will be changed. I do hope I can sell some work. I have done so many paintings over the years. I will have to donate them to charity at this rate!

Can we buy your garden?

We were going out yesterday when a car pulled up outside the house. Is that your garden? The driver asked us. Yes we said. Oh great. Can we buy it? No, I said. It’s not for sale! The man looked disappointed. Why do you want it my hubby asked. We are thinking of buying the old pub across the road to turn into apartments. We would use it as a car park. A car park alongside our house? No way. People coming and going at all times of the day and night. Destroying our wildlife garden. Also we would need a large fence to keep people out who could just walk onto the carpark…? NO! I was polite but said no.