Today’s challenge.

Day twenty three of the 64 million artists January challenge. I wrote this…

Day 23, I can’t find the actual challenge, but I think it is to write a poem to support nature and say what superpower you would have.
My super power would be to turn hunters guns into flowers so they can’t kill majestic animals like Lions and Rhino’s and Elephants.

If you shoot at Rhino,
Elephant, or Giraffe,
I will turn your gun into
A flower for a laugh.
You won’t be able to kill,
Despite your evil will.
And with rifle now a rose
A Tiger might bite your nose!
Leave the scarce alone,
Don’t bother to wail and moan,
Elephant want to roam,
Panthers need a home.
No more evil deeds,
Turning guns into seeds!

Panto scenery

Blurry photos, we are doing Aladdin for our panto this year. Someone else started it but I then asked if I could help. It’s bright and breezy and as colourful as I can make it. Im not publishing this on Facebook so you are getting a sneak preview. This is the Act one scenery.

Widow Twankey is Aladdins mum. She owns the local laundry and here is the market stall she has in her village. Expect excessive silliness!

When this is finished I will be doing the scenery for Act two. That’s is of a cave in the desert. I might add palm trees. At least its got me painting again, I was a bit down but this has helped.

Green skies


Something bloomed into the sky after the meteorite fell. A green mist rose from the sea and started spreading across the land. For a while it lay in the hollows and valleys, but steadily crept higher.

People noticed it and shied away from it. They travelled inland and up hills and mountains. Soon they were isolated, no one would cross the green air.

The small islands of high land topping the green murk gradually were overcome. People breathed their last air as it rose, scrabbling for height, but succumbing to the green gas. They were suffocating and dying.

Asian mountains stayed above the haze for a while longer. But like everywhere else the human population passed away. Eventually the only survivors were left alone, high above Earth, in the space station. There was nothing left for them to do but wait for the end.

But then a miracle (if after all the death that could be said) happened. The gas started to clear. After three weeks it had gone completely. It was then that the astronauts realised that all Earth’s animals had survived. They realised that it was the humans haemoglobin in their blood that had been affected. Other animals had different DNA.

But the problem was how would they descend from the space station? What would become of them?

I’m OK, I’m wearing a jumper.


It’s cold outside and we’ve been away so it’s got cold because I turned the heating down for a couple of days. But its OK I’m wearing a jumper.

It makes me wonder what will happen when homes have to use less power to heat them. They are talking about removing gas boilers and turning to electric heating. Also by improving insulation the cost of power should go down. The insulation would also help keep places cooler in summer. The question is whether or not this will be feasible. I think that political parties will have to get behind it. Our government is waiting till 2050, far later than most.

There is also the tenancy to have more open plan spaces. I know if I leave a door open the main living area gets colder. If I close off a room and don’t put the radiator on in there it saves on heating. In the meantime I’m willing to wear more jumpers more often if it saves money.



When you look at trees you can start to recognise what type they are from the shape of their branches.

It looks like they have a regular angle that they branch out at. So if you draw them it’s worth looking closely.

Also be aware if the branches bend downwards, or curve upwards. Some like Ash trees are sometimes said to have witches fingers. The twigs on the branches might stick out at 90° or at more acute or even obtuse angles. Then there is the twistedness of branches, think corkscrew Hazel. Shades of the bark can affect how they look. Water plays a part, either making the bark darker or shiny. When the sun shines the tree can transform, shadows can create tangled patterns.

Always observe if you can….



Giraffes are close to extinction. People are shooting them! How selfish can you be? Elephants, Lions, Snow Leopards, Cheetahs, Rhino’s, White Rhino’s, Tigers and Gorilla’s and Orangutans, and monkeys and marsupials. So many animals that might not exist in a few years. Then there’s all the small mammals, fish, insects, cold blooded snakes and lizards, birds, amphibians. Not to mention Trees, plants and everything else you can think of!

You know who is driving this mass extinction, US! Humans, people, man, woman everyone.

We need to grab back our world and save it, now, before it’s too late and it’s gone….