Bombing children’s playgrounds

Yet more bombings and artillery shells. CCTV showing a colourful playground being blown up. What is this precision bombing Russia boasts about? The world can see. There are satellites looking down. There are photos of the mass graves, proof of the war crimes.

Russians, see what is being done in your name. If I could just prove to one of you that it’s happening. The horrors that simple people, children, the aged and ill, are experiencing, while smug Putin sits and presides over it.

More deaths and attacks

A news photo from a few weeks ago from Ukraine

More cruise missiles rained down on Kiev in Ukraine today. The representative from the UN had been visiting, but Russia doesn’t seem to care. President Putin seems obsessed by getting a ‘victory’ by 9th of May. His attacks on Ukraine are despicable. Thousands of people have been wounded and many killed, some are forcably taken to Russia. Beatings and shootings abound and Russian soldiers are digging up the dead to mutilate the bodies and burn them so they cannot be identified. War crimes are being committed. His cutting off gas supplies to Poland is threatening to expand the conflict. He might try and attack Transnistria next. He is being expansionist and is acting like a spoilt boy. Russians can’t get truth because opposition is being stifled with thousands of people being arrested and put in prison. So anyway, that was my rant for today. I pray for peace. I fear more death raining down.

Russians violence continues

They sent missiles into Ukraine last night and struck over 1000 targets. Its frightening and Putin is accusing the UK of threatening to bomb Russia. Is Putin mad? What the hell is he doing. These are war crimes. Civilians killed, women raped and murdered, ordinary people shot in the back of the head. At least 205 children killed and two thirds of children displaced within the country. This is senseless. If you are a Russian reading this, think about it. Your soldiers are murdering innocent people. Why? Its crazy and stupid. We see the photos. It’s not a surgical strike. You are destroying Ukraine. Stop it.

Cry for them

Cry for them

Cry for the mothers

The grand parents

Children and babies

Cry for them

Cry for the men

Bombed and shelled


Cry for the lost lives

The hope destroyed.

Cry for the humans

And animals

All of them lost.

Sheltered in basements

In cellars and underpasses

Cry for all victims

Across the world.

Ukraine, Syria, Yemen

So many more wars

When do the tears stop?

Poppy with blue and yellow shoe

Today Russia bombed towns and cities in Ukraine again. Even Russian speaking cities that were supposed to be safe. The Russians even bombed a shoe factory. My drawing is a poppy for remembering the dead and a shoe in Ukrainian colours. A single shoe, lost by its owner. What stupidity. How long will this violence, which is denied by the Russians, be allowed to go on. Give Peace a chance. Stop the war.

Maternity Hospital bombed.

Why πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Russia?


Women and children were injured in a Maternity hospital in Mariapol. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Ukraine does not deserve that. Estimates that 16 or more hospitals have been attacked in the country. I want to swear. People are being promised humanitarian corridors to safety, but some of them have been shelled too. It is slaughter, it is murder. Russians? Are you being attacked? No! Leave your neighbours alone. More than 2 million refugees have fled from their country. I’m disgusted.

This is evil. This is inhumane. Initial reports said women and children died was changed to injured. Even so hospitals should not be bombed!

1.7 Million flee Ukraine

How can this continue? Millions fleeing a European country, desperate but defiant. Ukraine is still being bombarded by a bully. Women and children and the elderly are trying to escape. They have suffered dehydration and lack of food and power to get out if the country. In Ukraine the temperatures with windchill are due to be between minus 13 and minus 20 degrees Celcius. How can anyone survive in a basement with shells falling around them with nothing to give heat, no way of heating food, no fresh water. The corridors that Russia are setting up lead citizens into Russia or Belarus. Why would you want to move to your aggressors country? This is so difficult, we sit and wait for the next move and the next. This needs to calm down, not be further inflamed. Stop the Madness Russia, Stop the WAR! πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

1.5 million have fled Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Russia continues to bombard cities and towns in Ukraine. Women and children are trying to escape but escape routes are blocked and many places are under seige with no food, water or power. Bodies lie unclaimed and rotting in the streets.

Mr Putin, why are you so merciless? You are doing the same things that you did in Allepo in Syria. Your actions are not honorable. You are not supporting Ukraine citizens, you and your masses of troops are KILLING THEM.

The world needs peace and security. Especially when the threat of global warming is going to affect us all.

Putin is acting like a child having a tantrum! He needs to think again, he is in charge of this. If he has any compassion he should stop the WAR. WE NEED PEACE.

Hello πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Russia


Maybe this could be shared?

Hello Russia, I know a very few people read my blogs over there and I want to say something about what is happening in Ukraine.

People, Children, women and men are dying there. Cities are being attacked. Innocent civilians are being shelled. We have seen video of apartments and schools and hospitals being bombed and attacked. Children suffering cancer no longer get the treatment they need. Why are you doing this? Don’t you care?

This is not a special operation. This is WAR.

These are war crimes. This is murder. There are ordinary people being killed. Your soldiers are not fighting a just war, please try and ask yourselves whether your cities are being bombed?

Putin says the leader of Ukraine is a neo nazi. He is actually a man of Jewish descent, he was an actor, he is just fighting for his country.

This WAR could escalate. Why? We were at peace, there was no hate. Two weeks ago Putin massed 190,000 troops on Ukraines borders, now they are on Ukrainian soil. Killing, destroying homes, making people homeless. We need PEACE NOT WAR.

Sending love and respect to Russians. Please listen and think.

Update, Russian army shelled the largest nuclear power station in Europe (six times bigger than Chernobyl) and started a fire. Fire is out but it could release massive nuclear fallout. Is Putin mad?