Growth and growing are part of life and economics, but maybe we don’t need growth as much? The world does not have infinite resources and the population keeps rising. Perhaps we need to seek a balance and an ability for renewal instead of just consuming everything in sight.

We need to use less plastic and less energy.  To save resources for the people that come after us. Maybe buy one less peice of clothing or fill up a water bottle again instead of buying a new bottle.

I sometimes think that people are like a virus, growing exponentially. Covering the world with our rubbish and disease.

We need to be able to eat, drink and find shelter. Why don’t we try and care for everyone? I can probably remember back to when there were only 5 billion on the planet, now its over 7 billion and rising. And yet we are still growing? Is it any wonder that there are wars? I think we should share technologies so everyone can have better lives and education… .


Well balanced


Just when you think

The day couldn’t get more cat

Another view arrives

Like a third bus,

At the same time ,

With the same number,

On the same route.

Squashed on the lid

My well balanced cat

Canterlevered out

Over space,

Your spine curves and stretches

Round like a bridge

Supported at both ends


Your head was tucked down

All snuggled till you saw me.

Levitation is your trick today.