1.23am on Wednesday morning. I’m messing about with filters to create a scaly pattern. The inks were metallic and I tried to enhance the shinyness of it. I mirrored the image four times. Yet another pattern for my current college project. One problem I face was that all the colours are quite similar and of a medium tone, it was difficult to distinguish between dark and light areas.

Glue and more glue


Post it notes and plastic metallic colour discs. Thought about a pattern that I could make, using arrow shaped post it notes I decided to place the pointed bits over the discs. Have a glue stick, water soluble, so I glued each individual piece of paper and plastic… It took two hours! By the time I’d done it (after accidentally dropping the discs and the glue stick on the floor) my fingers were covered in a sticky gluey mess. Thank goodness it’s soluble!


Covered in armour

Impenetrable scales

Against all drama

Arrows and staves

Flying above

Crawling below

Graceful as a dove

With a loud bellow!

Only a myth

An imaginary creature

Family kin and kith

In which lizards feature

Wings full of woe

Mouth full of fire

Where he does go

Things will be dire!

What is this thing

We wish will be gone?

Of it we will sing!

The inimitable Dragon!

Another 🐲

Dragon with teardrop shaped scales. For swimming underwater, nostrils that close up with spring valves, a small mouth that can close tightly. Pressure resistant eyes and ears that can hear infrasound under the ocean. Another design idea. I duplicated and mirrored the dragon head as I had only drawn one half of it.

Simple scales

Pattern making again. Using greens ink spray that has a sheen to it. Then I drew scale patterns over the top. Finally I wanted three simple elements to add to each scale or tile that would give it an art deco? feel. So I added a wave shape, a dark patch and some vertical lines. With these patterns I think the scales started to look a little like birds.

Not slept so drew

Scales again, I was playing with combinations of colour and black and white. I’m building a large collection of them. Maybe this is enough? Next step is to hang them on my character. Discussing the idea with others I might do a dragon that changes throughout the book. Not because I can’t draw it from different angles, but because it might need to change depending on its circumstances….. Hmmm, I keep seeing new directions!

Found, a dragon eye

I found this in my previous images on WordPress. It’s a tiny picture of a dragons eye that I painted a couple of years ago. Since I’m researching dragons for college and it seems to be something I’ve looked at over several years. This was a miniature piece about 1 1/2 by 2 inches. I was going to do some more but got sidetracked into doing other paintings. Like many of my mythological paintings it’s entirely imagined.

Dragon heads

Thinking about dragons and how they look? For a mythical beast there are lots of ‘species’. Ancient Chinese and Japanese, medieval dragons battled by saints, dragons in stories by authors like Anne McCaffrey, films like ‘ how to train your dragon’, with a dragon with a catlike head (toothless).

Then, logically, the wings wouldn’t really get it off the ground. But a mythical beast would be magical and easily able to fly. How about having wings like a dragonfly? Gossamer and transparent? And does the dragon have a scaled body or could it have fur?

Lots to think about!


Through the dark night a butterfly flits, grey and green, not a moth. Looking for night-time flowers, like night scented stock.

The ghostly wings drop tiny scales, dusting the flowers with small droplets of white and grey.

Wings like snowflakes, flying through the cold dark, settling in a crevice at dawn. Sleeping till sunset arrives again….

Jeans weigh?

I decided to weigh myself this morning, but I was a bit heavier than yesterday. So I thought I would take me jeans off ( I guess they must weight at least 0.5kg?).

On the scales again…. Exactly the same weight! So I thought I would weigh my jeans. 0kg! I have weightless jeans!

Clearly the scales are not that sensitive. If I use them now I’m not sure how accurate they will be…..