My friends book…


Image by N. F. Mirza from her book.

I don’t do reviews…

But (you know one was coming). I just sat down to read ” Swinging Sanity” a book of poetry by my friend N. F. Mirza, who I know as ‘stoneronarollercoaster’ at WordPress.

I’ve known her for a while and found out she was a writer and now a published poet. Her book is a small volume. But it’s full to bursting with poetry full of emotion. As she moves through life, using it to discover her mental health and wellbeing.

The poems are forceful, I’m no poetry critic, but I found them easy to read. Some of them touched raw nerves, and you can see her heart torn open in many of them. I particularly liked Ocean and I become one.

ISBN 9798618202992.

Swinging sanity book has arrived


My friends poetry collection has arrived via Amazon. I’d been told not to expect it yet, but I got it this afternoon.. . Its by N. F. Mirza. A woman I met through WordPress. Her account here is #or @ stoneronarollercoaster. (I don’t know how it works).

She supports and encourages people and is a very interesting person. Quote “a quintessential weirdo, who was supposed to be crunching numbers but these days crunches words, colours and charcoal instead.”

ISBN 9798618202992

Printed in Poland by Amazon Fulfillment.


Motors on bikes


In the 1940’s and 50’s people started to motorise bicycles, This is an Auto cycle. Similar to how electrobikes are becoming popular today. The motor on this bike is mounted above the front wheel and runs on the tyre. There seems to be a hub brake at the centre of the wheel and what looks like a light that is running off the dynamo effect of the motor. Apparently it was a 50cc engine and ran on a 26:1 ratio of petrol to oil. I didn’t find out much more as I was looking at this picture upside down and couldn’t see the writing about it. These motorised bicycles then turned into mopeds in later years. The book isn’t my hubby’s. I think it’s called the History of Motorcycles, and also had details of many motorbikes including ones such as the Vincent Blackshadow and the Brough Superior which T E Laurence (Laurence of Arabia) was riding when he died in a motorbike accident.

Thank you Martha❤️

Look what’s arrived! The new book by Martha Kennedy. All the way from the states. I can’t tell you how excited I am to read it. Its about her life teaching English at South China Teacher’s University in Guangzhou in 82/83.

I’ve been reading excerpts from it in her blog, ‘I am a writer, yes I am’ on WordPress and I’m really looking forward to it. (If I can get it back of my hubby who just snaffled it!)