A Facebook page…


I’ve come across a page recently on Facebook called ” terrible art in charity shops”. I’ve been mesmerised by it. I have seen some truly odd images, and some that are not too bad. I’m astounded at what people put on the page. I guess some of the pictures are sold so people can reuse the frames.

After half an hour of scrolling down I had to stop. I think the page is not meant to be unkind, more a gentle humour and hopefully witty remarks.

As someone who had a work put into a charity shop, but then had it bought by someone who really liked it, I guess I can see both sides of the discussion.


Dreaming but failing


Now I can say that I stood as a candidate in the local UK elections. I came to the contest late and didn’t get my literature until three weeks ago. I have walked around and knocked on a lot of doors. Talked to people about environmental and educational issues. I have talked about bus routes and accommodation and housing. I did not make promises because I was and still am an ordinary citizen. I did not arrack my competitors but put forward my parties policies instead. In fact it seemed to be a very fair election. I am sad I wasn’t elected. I did come third out of five. I hope the person who was elected can improve and help the lives of the residents and have congratulated them. Normal life may now resume.

Close ups

Time for a close up?

These were taken with a little lens that fits over the body of your phone. The device lights up inside to shine on whatever object you are photographing. The lens magnifies the subject so you can take close ups. Yes I realise you can zoom in with a phone but at close range you can’t usually get a clear imageĀ  because the focal length (the distance you need to get a picture in focus) is too long. By adding a small lens the focal length is reduced to make tiny details visible.

From top to bottom, and each line left to right:

Head of a needle,

Woven cloth

Gold paint,

Part of a painting


Glitter on pink cloth

More cloth

Woven wool/nylon mix