Two years ago

Two years ago I was at a workshop. I was making a peice of a flag to celebrate Philip Astley inventor of modern circus born 1742, in Newcastle under Lyme. Belinda Latimer ran the workshop. Good fun to try a different craft. I don’t do much sewing or embroidery so this was quite enjoyable. I used a sacking type of cloth on top of a type of canvas cloth. I never did see the finished flag as there were different workshops to bring it all together.

Sewing – a good skill

OK so I am not skilled at sewing but I can repair and mend things. I’ve also done a couple of cross stitch things (just don’t look at the back). I don’t do sewing machines, I couldn’t get the hand of them, and the one skirt I made at school had a wobbly hem! But if a button falls off or I lose a bit of weight I can take things in.

Why is sewing good? It’s make do and mend. Don’t throw things away. Fix them! It saves waste and costs less!



My little sewing kit. Today’s usk Stoke-on-Trent challenge was to draw something to do with haberdashery.

As I don’t make clothes, have any clothes patterns, or any fabric, I’m afraid this had to do. The material below the kit is a knitted cushion, a cat blanket, and a teatowel.

Without the kit I wouldn’t have had any subject matter to draw. I don’t know who will try and add to the challenge today. Now I’m off out in the sunshine to plant up some begonias.

Sewing kit

I decided to try and make a badge from a craft kit that I bought last year off Belinda Latimer Designs to take my mind off things….

An hour later I’ve got a star made of vintage cloth, a couple of buttons and some felt and colourful threads. The kit also comes with a clip to sew on the back so I can wear it. The original patterns are a heart, a butterfly shape and a little bird shape, but I fancied doing a star. The only trouble was the vintage cotton which did fray, but I think I conquered it. Not perfect but relaxing. X


DSC_2390_optimized (4)

Cloth bunting in a cafe we visited earlier. A simple way to decorate and cheer up a room.

Easily cut out of old cloth or clothes using scissors or pinking shears. Fold over the top of the triangle and stitch up leaving a hollow tube to thread some wool, string, or a line of material through. Or stitch them directly onto the line so they are at regular intervals. I don’t think it would be difficult to make this at home and hand stitch it. A fun sewing project.

Whoever made this chose some pretty patterned and coloured  cloth. It cheered me up.